The Auburn Family Resource and Youth Service Center (FRYSC) coordinator, Hope Strode, has been very busy this year by supporting families and students with helping to meet basic needs, sponsoring multiple programs, and providing fun and educational activities for our students.

Strode has worked in conjunction with our technology department to provide hot spots for any student in need of the internet. This initiative has helped our students complete work at home and actively participate in Zoom meetings with teachers. Strode has provided school supplies for both hybrid and virtual students as well.

Auburn PTO and FRYSC partnered to ensure the first day of in-person school was very special for our students. They decorated the front of the building with big Welcome back signs and banners. FRYSC welcomed our Kindergarten students and families to their first day of school with a drive through Boohoo Yahoo Breakfast and photo booth. Moreover, FRYSC provided an Auburn Tiger tote bag with a water bottle, mask lanyard and masks for each student. FRYSC offered an evening event for our virtual students to feel welcomed back to school as well.

Strode provided take-home STEM kits during fall break to our 3rd and 4th graders. These kits encourage students to problem-solve and complete creative projects at home with their families.

FRYSC also provided Molly Turner, our Project Lead the Way teacher, with a donation to purchase needed items for STEM class projects. Through these projects, our students have been able to complete several STEM learning activities, such as coding, building structures, programming robots, and much more.

Additionally, our FRYSC has helped us keep the fun in school by setting up a pumpkin patch for our K-2 students and partnering with the Extension Office to provide ice cream for all of our students for World Milk Day. We have also had fun giveaways for dress-up days during Red Ribbon week, Pelican’s Snoballs for students during the book fair, Halloween treats for our virtual Tiger Academy students, and we celebrated our students for their hard work the first nine weeks by throwing a pop up party for each class.

Strode stated, “It is a privilege and honor for me to work alongside the amazing staff at Auburn School. We truly love our families and students and we will continue to work together to help them be the best they can be.”

At Auburn School, we know that it has been a difficult and unusual time for everyone. We are very thankful for our staff, families, and students as we continue to learn and work together during this school year. Thanks to programs like our FRYSC we are able to continue to provide opportunities for our students to be successful and enjoy school.