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Hello from historic Adairville. Land between the two branches of the Red River. Where a special breed of people flourish who appreciate good education, show kindness to their fellow man, raise pretty good children ready for the world and appreciate the history of this historic place. A place with leaders searching to bring the town back. To replace the loss of a sausage plant and a hosiery mill that together employed half the town and then some.

Just as other small towns throughout America have lost their plants and mills to the big cities and foreign lands, Adairville did too. As a result we lost at least a quarter to a third of our population. When the customer base dropped drastically then our businesses began to fail. Empty shops and stores on the town squares and main streets of small towns has become the norm in our country.

In the past 15 years Adairville has scene some 18 restaurants come and go and about that many other types of specialty shops and stores. The answer has been too small a population base, a low income base, automobiles that can take local residents to either Russellville, Franklin or Springfield where big discount stores are available and there are many first class restaurants and groceries.

Still, somehow a number of small towns are fighting back and coming back. They are reinventing themselves.

Adairville is not going to gain a large grocery. The customer base (population) is not here. Adairville is not going to get a Western Auto, bowling alley, Pizza Hut or Dairy Queen. The customer base is not here! When the town grows to 1200 to 1500 people then we will get some small businesses looking at us.

The hope is to reinvent our selves as a number of successful small towns have done. One such way that the mayor and chamber are looking at, is to take advantage of our great history. Turn our town into a tourist town. Move the Hite House (hiding place of Frank and Jesse James and some of their gang into town. Move a near by one room school house, an old time small mom and pop grocery and the Peter Cartwright House to town. (Peter Cartwright’s house is probably the oldest in the county and goes back to the 1700’s. He was one of the great ministers in the history of our nation.) We can build a reproduction of one of our old forts. It would be the only one in western Kentucky. (It would be great for the school kids all over our part of the state.) We also have one of the great caves of America and it is just sitting there. It could become a great magnet to draw thousands of people from all over America. We also have one of the most famous dueling sites in American history - where Andrew Jackson killed Charles Henry Dickenson. Also another site where there was a great shoot out between the local sheriff and one of the Youngers. We also have some great gardens and historic homes that people would like.

The tourists will come if we have the things for them to see. The task is ahead of us. Grants, fund raisers and a few good volunteers and helpers are needed. People have to tell the mayor and chamber president that they will help.

Ten years ago few people believed that the Red River Fish & Game Club could raise the money to rebuild the James Lake, but they did. The organization even built a new athletic building for the kids and restored the original building. It can be done when people set their mind to the task and do it. I foresee this happening to Adairville. I just want to live to see it!

THE NEWS Sheriff Wallace Whitaker lost a wonderful sister this week. I hear he has been under the weather a bit as well. Cathy at the Adairville Post Office is scheduled to be transferred to a larger post office. (No date yet.) Big turn out last Sunday at Adairville Methodist Church. Seem like people really like their new lady preacher. They will not have their normal fifth Sunday covered dish this Sunday. Peggy Brewer celebrated her 90 birthday. Husband Ralph had 50 pink flamingos placed in their front yard as part of the celebration. Sweet loving Carol McKinney has just had a birthday. The 431 Cafe on the Adairville Square will have a big fish dinner this Friday evening. The Rook Tournaments at the restaurant will start next Thursday at 5 p.m. $5.00 entry fee per player. Not sure if the Rook or Red One is the top card. (A great card game that Baptist, Methodist, Living Worders and even some Church of Christ play.) You can come a little early and eat as well. The Dot store is also featuring fish on Friday evenings. I have been once and it was good. I have some calls as to the restaurant’s location. The answer is that it is the only commercial business in Dot. Come by the Adairville Library on the town square. Check out their art work, books, books on tape or CD and much more. The Adairville Hardware Store has a new sale on. Lots of good prices. Ronnie’s Upholstery store can spruce up a churches pews or possibly recover a favorite antique chair. Barnes Insurance can search for a lower priced auto, home owners or crop insurance for you. Trimble’s can service your auto or truck. They have some good prices on tires right now. The auto supply place next door to city hall has every thing from key chains to car parts. You can buy your anti freeze there. Debbie’s Hair Salon can offer you a hair cut or styling and make you look better. Sonny’s Lotto offers discount cigarettes and lottery tickets. The BP Station offers gas, a few groceries that they plan to cut out, breakfast and lunch. Nancy’s gift shop across from the BP Station offers beautiful stuff at sale prices. (Instead of going out of town to buy just do it in Adairville.)

EASTER SUNDAY This Sunday is one of the most holy days to Christians. There are special services at several local area churches. I received a notice that Calvary Baptist would have a Sun Rise Service and breakfast. I understand that Adairville Baptist will also have a Sunrise Service. I hear that several other churches will have special Sunday events. Check with your local church and find out what is planned if you do not already know. For those that do not regularly attend this is a good time to come back. I believe you will be glad you did.

WITH A SMILE When my sister, Diane, and I were growing up our parents always treated Easter as a very special time. Our parents (mostly our mother) saw to it we had a new set of cloths and a new pair of shoes. In fact that pair of shoes had to last a year till the following Easter. We and everybody in church seemed to have new cloths. The women back then always wore hats so mom and sister also had their new hats. The church would be packed and the preacher would shine with his message. It was a wonderful time and a wonderful message.

After the service we all gathered in a local restaurant or more often at my grand parents house for a huge dinner. I still remember those meals and the bonding our family did. Sometimes there were so many of us we had to eat in shifts. The kids always ate last. Usually by the time the kids got to eat much of the fried chicken was gone. What was left was mostly wings. I think that is why I go for the wings today. Usually the oldest person in the family gave the blessing for the food. I can still remember my stomach rumbling during the long prayer. My mom would whisper, stop that, but what was a hungry kid to do? Some of my aunts were whispering to my cousins as well. Those were good days. I always smile when I think of Easters gone by. Church together with loving family, meals together and always prayer.

TIME TO GO Good bye good people, my love “sweet Bertie Angel” and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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