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Season greetings and hello from a cold snowy Adairville. What a change in the weather. A week ago it was shirt sleeve weather and now it is heavy coat weather. I expect we will have some more warmer weather before the really cold sets in by mid January. Be careful! The sun comes out during the day and melts the ice and snow and then comes dark and the melted water freezes and becomes a big danger. You can not see the thin ice and a fall could easily come your way. I recommend staying in.

Congratulations to the winners of the Adairville Christmas Decorating Contest. The winners are:


1) Billy & Josephine Dorris - N. Main St.

2) Bill & Leann Steen - N High St.

3) Mamie Gamsey - E. Gallatin


1) Barnes Insurance

2) Headquarters Hair

3) Country Angel

Thanks to each of you who decorated and helped make our town so pretty.

I had a wonderful holiday with family. Lots of love, faith, food and good will. There were lots of phone calls to and from friends and relatives. It is so good to renew our contacts and feel the love and warmth that goes with the season.

I had a call from one of my cousins, who is a local minister, in South Carolina. He is such a good fellow. He mentioned that he wished we could go back 20 or 30 years and have our grandparents and parents with us. Yes, I agree that those were wonderful years. We were the young ones receiving much love and not having so many responsibilities. I think we all have such fond memories. Yet life goes on and change is ever with us.

Now we are the adults that need to bring many wonderful memories to a younger generation. We can all do this. We just have to try. Remember memories are being made right now for the young ones who will be thinking back for many decades to come telling their children and grandchildren about their growing up and the good things that happened.

PREDICTIONS FOR THE 2012 YEAR When I was growing up I became aware that my mother and grandmother had very special gifts of seeing things that were to happen. I learned that this special gift had run in the family for generations. When I was about nine years old I discovered that I was one of those that for good or bad had been given some of the ability. My grandmother always said never make money from the gift. None in my family have.

When I was a young boy my family tried to hide the gift so that we would not be harassed My grandmother did frequently predict when women were expecting a baby and occasionally predict more serious things.. My mom had the same ability. My grandmother was looking to the next generation to see who would be next. Well, it fell my way along with one other cousin. I found out at a family reunion while sitting next to my grandmother. A very sweet older neighbor lady walked in. I turned to my grandmother and predicted ” I think that lady is going to have a baby!” My grandmother looked at me and said Yes I was right. The lady was told and professed it just could not be possible due to her age. Well, it was true and some time later she had a baby boy. From that day on my family fell into the ranks to protect me from what was to come.

Once I saw a newspaper picture of Elvis Presley and his mother. I turned to my mother and told her that I thought I saw that Mrs. Presley was going to die. My mom confirmed what I saw and told me to tell no one. Three days later the news came out that Mrs. Presley had died. It scared me and I became very careful of ever making such a prediction again.

Years ago I did some predicting in a local newspaper and a well known lady named Dorothy Dix contacted me about my ability. Mrs. Dix wanted me to come to New York and join her on several radio and TV shows. My parents said absolutely not. I was so relieved that they did not allow me to go. I did get to speak to Mrs. Dix several times on the phone and for many years did not realize how famous she was at making predictions nation and worldwide.

Now in my grown up life I do not take things so seriously. I try to make life a joyful thing. Below are my 2012 predictions and how they came out:

#1 Prediction that 2012 would be one of the mildest winters in 50 years.

Seems I hit this one right on the bulls eye. We all saved on the heat bill.

#2 Prediction that tornadoes and straight line winds would wreck havoc in the state.

In late February a devastating tornado struck central Kentucky and Hardin County. On March 2 a huge tornado and straight line winds 95 miles across struck West Liberty and Salversville doing tremendous damage.

#3 Prediction that the Logan County Economic Development Office would bring additional economic improvement and help the business climate.

A huge impact for the year was the state allowing the Hwy 68/80 speed limit to increase to 70 mph. This makes the route a more friendly route for commerce and tourism.

#4 Prediction that there would be a major battle in the legislature over public education.

It happened. The Democrats fought for maintenance of the public schools. The Republicans fought for Charter Schools, merit pay, the voucher system, reductions in retirement benefits and more.

#5 Prediction that State Representative Martha Jane King would look at running for a new senate seat and win if she ran. The answer was she did in fact qualify to run for the senate only to have the courts rule the new districts not constitutional. Thus Rep. King ran for reelection to the House and won reelection.

#6 Prediction that there would be a compromise over the problems facing the Amish in the Auburn area. That the legislature would probably help and that Judge Sue Carole Browning would do much to restore good will.

Hit the bull’s eye on this one as well. There was a compromise. The legislature did pass a piece of legislation to help out all Amish and counties. That Judge Browning did play a major role in a settlement.

#7 Prediction of a murder in the county with robbery as a possible part.

Hit the bulls eye again. Seems there were multiple murders in the county with robbery suspected in several. Most of these centered in the Russellvile, Lewisburg or northern part of the county.

#8 Prediction that popular county Sheriff Wallace Whittaker would catch the attention of some in high places and possibly be offered a new job on the regional, state or national level.

Seems that the sheriff’s leadership in recent drug related investigations, indictments and arrests has indeed drawn very positive attention. His leadership in other areas of investigation have also drawn positive attention. It looks like Logan County has one of the most outstanding lawmen in Kentucky.

#9 Prediction that the Republican Party would win both houses in Congress.

Well I missed this one by a country mile. The Republicans did win a majority of house seats, but the majority slipped a good bit. The Democrats actually picked up seats in the House. The Democrats picked up five additional Senate seats which gave them a stronger majority in the Senate.

#10 Prediction that President Obama would lose his bid for reelection.

I missed this one also. The President won the election by carrying 26 of the states, by over 110 electoral votes and a 4 million plus plurality of the votes.

That is about it. My 2012 predictions ran up a 80 percent right and 20 percent wrong. I think I listened to my neighbors and friends at the hardware store too closely on the national elections. I should have stuck to my dreams and vision.

WITH A SMILE Time does go buy so fast. This Christmas one of my little cousins asked, What is boiled custard? When someone in the family stated that they loved to hear Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney sing White Christmas and the young ones questioned, Who? When the young ones have never heard of cracklin cornbread. When they have never eaten “country ham.” Guess I am a bit old fashion.


Good night friends. Thanks for the cards, calls, e-mails and a nice box of oranges from Florida. So many good readers. Good night Sweet Bertie Angel and Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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