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Howdy from our little community where we are without a pastor at present time. Remember us as you pray.

I’ve forgotten the exact date, Virginia Hart celebrated her 94th birthday last Sunday with an open house at the activities building. A good sized crowd attended. There were her 3 boys, Jerry and Terry and Ronnie and her daughter Carolyn and families. Also, I sure was glad to see Ronnie, as I had not seen him for quite awhile. Her daughter-in-law Barbara make the beautiful cake.

We had an 8th grader, well actually two graduates and they were Cassidy Jernigan and Jillian McLellan. Best wishes to both girls.

June 3rd was good friend Kathryn Stuart’s birthday, so Judy Jernigan and I met Kathryn at KFC, had lunch with her and had a good visit. So many happy wishes go out your way gal.

James Fuller had some tests done this week. Hope he gets a good report.

Hey, we got kittens. How many do you want? They are so cute.

Visiting awhile one day this week were Judy Jernigan and Cassidy and Friday was Lannie’s birthday, so bringing me some birthday supper were Stacey Jernigan and Madison.

The Jernigans, Lannie and Judy, David and Stacey and the girls, Kim and Johnny Richardson and Grace attended the Jernigan family reunion at the lake on Sunday.

I went to Sunday school but got to feeling worse and had to come home. Oops, sorry.

Lana McPherson was in a couple of times this weekend to check on me as she was watching out for the dogs. Stanley and Elaine visited with daughter Kerri and the girls Maddie and Ellie in Georgia.

Found out an interesting item this morning. Former pastor Bro. Reed Bunton of Nashville will be the guest speaker for homecoming, which is the last Sunday in July. Special guest singers will be the ever popular Sneed family. Make your plans to attend, okay?

See ya later.

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