Clash of the Old Cats set for Saturday night

RHS vs. LCHS in Alumni Basketball Game

By Rob Rose -

Clash of Old Cats set for Saturday

Look for a fun time for everyone at Logan County High School on Saturday night when area basketball stars from the last few decades are reunited for an evening of exciting competition in a pair of Alumni All-Stars of Russellville versus Logan County basketball games.

The first game will tip-off at 5pm and will feature players from the Class of 1995 and back. Game two will features Russellville and Logan County former players from 1996-2014. Admission will be $5 donation at the door. All proceeds will go to both High School Basketball teams and Givin’ Back, Inc.

“The idea of playing this game had been tossed around a lot but the mastermind for it was Coach Jay Allison of Givin’ Back, Inc.,” says Lonnie Mason, Head Coach of the Logan County High School Cougars. Coach Mason will play in the “Old School” game featuring players from the Class of 1995 and before and then he will coach the second game featuring players from the Class of 1996 to 2014.

Russellville Panthers Head Coach Phil Todd will be the coach of the 1996-2014 Russellville and Jay Allison will coach the team from 1995 and back.

“We have reached out to a lot of former players and hope to have a great group of guys to represent their Alma mater,” said Coach Mason. Players were asked to come to a series of tryout practices and to practices as a team. While the idea of the game is provide entertainment for player and spectator alike, expect a bit of competitive spirit and much more than pure exhibition as these players raise funds to benefit their old school and the Givin’ Back Program.

Both teams hope to have rosters set and ready by Monday morning, November 23. According to Coach Phil Todd some notables already on board are Maurice Hampton, Teco Dickerson, Micheal Morris, Nathan Thompson and Ricky Duncan who all played on the 2000 State Final Four team. Otis Key, Tyrone Thompson, Phillip West, Reggie Collier, Marquis Todd, Todd Kerr, and Donte Wells are a few players that will appear on the Old School team (1995 and before).

Each group will practice at their schools through the week.

“We hope a lot people will come out and show support for present, past, and future athletes of these great schools,” said Coach Mason.

Clash of Old Cats set for Saturday of Old Cats set for Saturday

Alumni game flyer game flyer
RHS vs. LCHS in Alumni Basketball Game

By Rob Rose

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