Dear Editor

Shirlee Yassney - Russellville

I am so sorry that I left out part of my last letter to the editor in regard to water rates. By now you probably know what City Attorney Kerr wrote me, in part.

“The city and it’s officials are operating within the law at every level while pursuing the best interests of the citizens of Russellville on a daily basis. As such, the mayor will not be pursuing any of the changes demanded by you regarding water rates, etc.”

Gosh, I did not demand it, I expected it. And now I expect it even more. You know now what is wrong with the rates and other etc. and once you know the truth, you cannot plead innocent.

You know: the single mother, young couples, seniors, all of us must pay a water bill that is almost as much as our car payment or rent. Do you know what the Attorney General says about that?

The AG says, “Rates have to be fair and based on demonstrable and verifiable costs of providing that service and wanting to be fair and transparent.”

If you follow that opinion, you would not have close to a half million dollar rollover fund in your budget (financial statement and budget), nor would you have 5.5 million in the bank that is not covered by insurance (last years audit, page 18 and page 19).

I’m sorry, but you have all this money and we are losing almost a half million dollars a year in water loss. You should hire the most experienced divers to check inside those water towers, the best equipment possible to find lines that leak, maybe new towers and new lines for sure. We pay Logan Todd over 100,000 a month for water, but only collect less than $60,000, why? It’s pouring into the ground!

We need “A Citizens Advisory Board for Public Utilities” badly, at least they could advise the council about the rates.

I would love to come and speak about these concerns at a council meeting, but years of smoking damaged not only my lungs, but my vocal cords as well.

Remember you are public servants and we expect a change in these areas, no one told you it was an easy job. God bless you all.

Shirlee Yassney


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