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Ernie Ezell - From the Plainview Community

Dear Editor

Upon attending the Fiscal Court Meeting this week, I discovered that the issue of the Logan County Recycling Program was again briefly discussed. I understand that there will typically be people that like a particular service and others that will be able to find issue with some aspect or other. This, of course, could also be applied to the County Road Department’s ability to deal with the recent “snow emergency”.

First, concerning the issue of the County Recycling program, the Fiscal Court has already established a precedent on how the County could handle the concerns of the general public. As you may recall, the Magistrates and the County Judge Executive voted unanimously last year to pas a County “Right to Work” ordinance.

Without going into too many details as to what this entails, I would like to propose a “Right to Recycle” ordinance. In this regard, individuals who live in Logan County would have the right to opt out of the Recycle pickup program if they deem that it infringes upon their right to recycle. Based upon my recent bill from Scott Waste for the amount of $45.54, a “Right to Recycle” ordinance would allow me to stop the withholding of the $13.38 fee for recycling. I would, of course, be more than willing to continue to pay the $34.16 fee for my regular trash pickup.

Yes, this would be most reasonable!

On the issue of the County Road Department’s handling of the recent “Snow Emergency”, I would like to personally thank Paul Lyne and all of the crew working for the County Road Department for the outstanding job that they did to help get us through the snow emergency experience. My compliments also go out to all others in the County that assisted in both large and small ways to help us come together and deal with the situation. Some individuals will always find something to complain about, some people are just naturally bitter, some people also like to hear themselves blather on and on, but the majority of the people appreciate the hard work and dedication of most all our public employees. We can come up with all kinds of plans to deal with emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, but without an unlimited budget, it gets back to the old saying ” the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”.

Again, thanks to all that made an effort to make a difference!

Ernie Ezell

From the Plainview Community

Ernie Ezell

From the Plainview Community

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