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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello my many friends. It is so good to be alive and still kicking. Between my Ford 150 pickup truck, and Dodge SUV being in the shop and my computer being in the shop I am having a heck of a time. It also looks like I am going to have to have my teeth pulled and come up with dentures. Seems like my football, soccer and a baseball bat injuries have finally caught up with me and all the past dental work is falling apart. Well life is still worth it and I will do what I have to do!

I have lost 130 pounds and getting close to the weight of my early 20s. Now if I can get rid of all the wrinkles under my chin and neck I will be a happy guy! I use to be 6 foot two inches tall but may have shrunk and inch or so over the years. Still, I do feel better; maybe much better getting the weight off.

I think O.J., the ND&L newspaper editor, may have found some of what I have lost! He has really been eating well of late!

Finally got my Federal Income Taxes completed and now anxiously awaiting my refund check. It sure is best to be getting a refund and not have to be scratching for the cash to pay the government! Guess it will go to pay for my new teeth!!!

With the warmest winter in many years and spring just around the corner I am trying hard to pull spring on in. I have been to several plant nurseries, spent a little money and have had two big planting days this past weekend. So far I have planted 15 new roses, 300 bulbs and tubers, 100 annuals and 125 perennial plants. I am not finished yet! My first grass cutting is scheduled for next week. Then I hope to plant about 25 bushes, more roses and a dozen fruit trees.

When I was a young teenager I started helping both sets of grandparents with their flower gardens. It got into my inter-being to plant and make this a more beautiful world! I still go back to the former homes of both sets of grand-parents and see my handy work as a child.

When my two boys were alive and were just little fellows they both had green thumbs and loved to follow me around and help do the plantings in the spring. I just did not have them long enough to enjoy years of gardening together.

I found my old crank ice cream maker. I think we are going to have a long summer and I hope to make homemade ice cream several times during the summer. Banana, peach and strawberry are three of my favorite varieties to make. When I do not make the ice cream I am hoping to visit the ice cream parlor that is opening on the town square in Russellville.

Peter Patal, owner of two of the nicest hotels in Logan County, has been elected to the national leadership of his hotel chain – Choice Hotels. Congratulations to Peter and his lovely wife who makes Peter look so good! She is a very good cook as well!

If I were a younger guy I would build a much needed movie theater in Logan County. Surely there are some young folks in the county that will open a theater. A four theater complex could bring movie goers in from all over the county and a couple of nearby counties. I believe a “drive in” movie theater could also be a big hit. I have been to the “drive in” over in Bowling Green and it was packed both times I visited and with a lot of Logan County citizens present.

Does anyone have the names of good corn bread cooks? It use to be that most homes in the county had corn bread twice daily at their homes. Now I understand that cooking good corn bread is becoming a lost art in Logan County. Younger folks are not eating good “home cooking” at their homes and with no corn bread on their tables. Sandwiches and frozen dinners do not cut it with me. If you can send me the names and phone numbers of cooks of good ole fashioned corn bread I would greatly appreciate it.

Does anyone have suggestions for the best made butter in Logan County? Making good butter is a dying art as well. Call me at 615-389-5495 and tell me about anyone who makes good butter. Maybe someone who sets up or shops at the farmers market will know the answer.

If you have any news for me please call and pass your information along. Call 615-389-5495.

My dad was a high school class mate with Fannie Rose Shore (aka Dinah Shore) at ole Hume Fogg High School in Nashville back in the 1930s. They both had great voices and sang in talent shows, at park concerts and many other venues. When Dinah went to New York to sing with some of the big bands of the day she asked my dad to go with her. He declined and chose a different life. Dinah later went on to Holly Wood, made many hit movies and became a big singing star in America. She was made for TV and had her daily show on at supper time, did lots of TV specials. In later years she had a very popular cooking show on national TV. (I have just found her reruns on TV a few weeks ago.)

I knew her dad well. He ran a haberdashery next to the old Noel Hotel on 4th Street in Nashville. Next door to my great uncle Jerry Holt’s small restaurant. He often came in the shop to get something to drink. He would not eat though because he ate only kosher food.

After I was grown I went to see Dinah at the OpryLand Hotel. She was doing her cooking show there and was also in town to attend her 50th High School Reunion. She seemed to have been very happy to meet me when she found out that my dad was Simon J. Dickerson.

At one time she was married to George Montgomery, the actor. They had at least two children who grew up in Holly Wood. She told me that my dad was her all time favorite singing partner and would rather have had him as a partner than anyone she had sung with since. That was thrilling to hear since she sang with some of the best!

Time to go. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson, email dickdickerson100@aol.com or call 615-389-5495.

To contact Dick Dickerson, email dickdickerson100@aol.com or call 615-389-5495.

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