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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello Logan County and all the wonderful people that live here in! A huge geographical county, one of the three largest in the state, but with a small population of less than 30,000. I am honored to be one of those 30,000 folks.

As we close out 2016 I would like to give thanks for some our county’s great attributes and some things we need:

1) I am very pleased we have such a good medical center, Logan Memorial Hospital, in our midst, and a very good staff of doctors and nurses. When I was last a patient, after almost every shift change at the hospital, several off duty nurses came by to say hello and encourage my speedy recovery. I call that wonderful nurses.

2) I would like to see us one day have a good baby ward at our hospital. We already have the space.

3) We need more entertainment establishments available in our county. I hate having to travel down to Springfield, Tennessee or Bowling Green to see a movie. Our 4th Street Theater is so close to becoming a reality. I hope the City of Russellville will move forward with the project. It they want to continue dragging their feet then give the theater to the county and the job will get done. The county would have the job done in two years instead of the 10 or more it looks like it will take the City of Russellville. Our county needs a good theater. It can show good movies and be used for many other activities as well. Do something!

4) Lake Malone Marina needs to meet necessary state requirements so that it can reopen post haste. It should never have been allowed to deteriate as it has. Our new State Representative and top political leaders, in our county, need to raise a huge ruckus until his highly important issue is corrected.

5) I have traveled and/or worked in some 42 states in our great country. I think for our size that Russellville and Logan County have two good/top police departments. We have both good officers and good bosses. I also commend our jailer for doing a top job! He has brought progress and good sense to the job.

6) I commend our County Executive and representatives – both political organizations for the jobs they are doing. The same three cheers goes out to Russellville City workers and elected officials.

7) Each of our county elected officials seem to be doing good jobs. Seldom have I seen such a dedicated bunch of public servants. I like the bunch of them. No one to complain about.

8). We do need more entertainment places to keep our folks here at home. Game rooms, bowling alley, miniature golf, a good horse ridding facility, a good public cave and many other types of entertainment places. I don’t want our folks’ both young and old, driving back and forth on the roads to Springfield or Bowling Green..Way to many wrecks!

9) Three cheers for our outstanding new dog food company over in Auburn. They are doing well and adding on and hiring additional staff in 2017.

10) Three cheers for the growth and expansion of our aluminum plant north of Russellville. The bodies of new Ford Pick Up Trucks will soon be rolling off the assembly lines.

11) The new by-pass around Russellville will soon be a reality Due to good weather the road workers are making good time and should finish the new route right on time..It will help greatly getting to the hospital.

12) Thousands of citizens are awaiting the long over due expansion of High Way 431 – both north and south branches They are over due.

A big congratulations to Herman Robbins for his title of News Democrat & Leader Citizen of the Year. Over the years I have become a friend of Herman’s as have thousands of others. He is a tremendous asset for Wal Mart. Thousands of county citizens and shoppers know Herman as he greets and welcomes each customer as if they are family. Herman and his lovely wife are wonderful people and good for Wal Mart that they have such a good man on their staff.

Health wise I think I am doing pretty good.. I have now lost 125 lbs and have only 25 lbs to go. I have changed cloose size four times and it looks one more time will soon be in order. I hope just a belt will now keep the pants up. Shirts, pants, underwear and even my shoes have been effected..I have been following my doctors orders and sure do feel better.

Next week I will report on how I did with my 2016 predictions. The following week will be my 2017 predictions. Till then “Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!”.


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

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