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WOW, Mother Nature has really done it again! As I open the blinds, I see “one big cotton ball”. People I don’t even see the water. The fog is right up to my door, almost. The boat dock seems to be floating and the trees look like they are out in a big ocean of whipped cream. This proves that old saying, the best things in life are free.

I tried to wake the Hubby up but once again, he slept through the whole thing. He has a good reason for sleeping late, we FINALLY took his fishing boat out of the water and man that was a job.

When we started the project I told him, very nicely, that he was to tell me what he was going to do and I would do it. I would keep my mouth shut and not say a word! If you believe that I will tell you another story. I must say I did pretty well. I slipped up once and he began to shout and I just politely said it in my sweet voice “SHUT UP”! He did and we continued to take that wonderful fishing boat out of the water.

We store it in a neighbors shed and I did take my flash light because Mother Nature has decided to turn the lights off outside at four in the afternoon and the slower we got, the darker it became. I became the “best helper in the world” when I pulled out my flash light.

Guess what, Christmas is coming to the lake! I LOVE IT. I just become a kid again. My tree is up and I light it every morning just to get me in the mood. You see we have this tiny little house and this year I have crammed it full of everything that the Daughter didn’t want in her house and I was having trouble figuring out where to put my tree. The Hubby chimed in with the fact that I could put it in the kitchen or the bathroom. Of course my reply was REALLY! So now I am the only person who has a Christmas tree in her kitchen. I just love it. I can cook and watch the lights twinkle. As I have told you before, “it don’t take too much to make me happy”. You know HAPPINESS is like a light switch, you can turn it “on or off”. Each morning when I turn on the lights I really try to “think happy”! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody did?

Hey, I have a little secret for you. Santa is coming to Wayne’s Place December the 17th. from one to four o’clock in the afternoon. He told me if I was good, he would let me be one of his elves. Maybe he will let me sit on his lap.

I will also tell you another secret, we are having the “Battle of the Christmas Lights” on the lake. Everyone on our street has lights blinking and not only do I have fog in the morning, I have beautiful blinking lights going full blast when I go to bed! I am truly enjoying the moment and I certainly hope you are. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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