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Here it is Sunday again and of course you know what that means. Old TG will be watching football all day.

I really enjoyed the article from Adairsville and it was full of great news. So it dawned on me what on earth is happening on the lake? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Yesterday it was cold as crap and I had to put on my long underwear to take my walk. Man that is great news….right? But on my walk we still have leaves on the trees and they are absolutely beautiful but I think I told you that last week. Then two great big deer ran across my path as I was walking. I could hear them coming and they sounded like a train coming through the woods!

When I got to Wayne’s place, the place was full. Two guys from Mississippi had come up here to deer hunt and each one had a deer to take back with them. Ask me if those guys were happy. Of course all the men there had to tell about their deer they got many years ago! The guys told everybody to mark their calendar, they would be back next year. Now that is great news! I don’t know if you can contain yourself as you read my column. Just think how exciting it is to live down on the lake.

Anyway, I came home to look out over that COLD looking water and there in front of my house were two crazy fishermen taking off their coats and putting on another layer of clothing, then back with their coats. Of course I told them they were “OUT OF THEIR MIND” to be out there. The wind was blowing like crazy and they put that motor in DRIVE and created a wave that made our boat jump up and down in the water. And thank goodness it was tied to the dock. Oh man, it gets more exciting as you read!

The Hubby is leaving his fishing boat in the water so on a “good day” he is going to jump in and go fishing. He went Friday and guess what…he said he thought he had a “big one” and when it topped the water it was a “great big stick” hung up on his line. So he said it was a waste of time. But that did not keep those crazy guys off the lake. They just continue to BUZZ around everywhere. I just think they wanted to get away from home so their wives couldn’t find a project for them to do….like put up the Christmas tree.

I will mention that I now have a “mattress cover” that you plug in. Yea, now I can just jump in the bed and be “warm as toast”. The Hubby helped me put it on the bed and you ladies know how much fun that was. He came to tell me last night that he had it all set so I would be warm when I jumped in bed…”WRONG”. The minute I hit the bed I turned it up to “HOT”.

I am so lucky, the Daughter is going to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. She called to ask what I was going to bring. I told her I planned on bringing PAPER PLATES cause I planned on enjoying the moment watching the football games after lunch. HAPPY TURKEY BIRD everybody. Till next time Bye now.!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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