What is your favorite color?

The Rev. Geoffrey Butcher, Priest-in-Charge - Trinity Episcopal Church, Russellville

A dear friend showed me several pictures of flowers and designs that she had colored. She invited me to choose one for myself, which I did. It is the size of a large postcard, so I use it as a bookmark in one of my prayer books. Each time I look at her lovely picture a smile comes to my face, and I offer a little prayer that God will bless her.

After Dolores gave me the picture she said, “You know, this is what old people do.” Only recently did I realize that there are adult coloring books. I always thought coloring was for children. But many adults find that coloring is relaxing as well as creative and may even remind them of happy days as a child. Knowing that coloring is almost the rage these days, I ordered a coloring book and pencils for myself. I may not succeed with it. My forte was to color outside the lines.

What is your favorite color? What is your current mood? Yellow or gray? Studies show that depressed people are more likely to use dark colors for their pictures. Our

coloring may even give us an idea about ourselves, where we are psychologically.

Colors in creation are one of the many gifts God has given us. Think of a sunset or a painted desert. Can you see the nuances? Think of a garden and multiple hues in flowers. Are your favorite colors as they were for the poet Richard Blanco as a child? “The colors that thrilled us – the dangling live lizards from our earlobes colors – pink, jungle green; the mango slices and mamey flesh colors – silver, periwinkle; the burst la piñata colors – lemon-yellow, cornflower-blue; the we don’t know English colors – chartreuse, cerulean. All these we wore down to stubs, peeling the paper coating further and further, peeling and sharpening until eventually we removed the color’s name.” (“Crayons for Elena,” City of a Hundred Fires)

Even as we grow older we can enjoy the detail of color, a true gift from God. Our pencils, crayons, and paints invite us to join in the creative process with God – to enjoy beauty, to make someone happy with our gift, to delight in the awe and wonder of God’s creation.

Note: At least 15 different colors are mentioned in the Bible.

The Rev. Geoffrey Butcher, Priest-in-Charge

Trinity Episcopal Church, Russellville

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