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Football season is finally here and guess what happened! NO TV.

I was all excited to watch the first game of the season. The Hubby even said, would you please hush, I am sick of listening to you. He is gonna miss me one of these days. “My Knight in Shining Armour” is going to ride through and I am gonna jump on that horse and ride away! I thought that would make a difference but he replied, you say that all the time and I keep watching for him cause I want to help you get on the horse!

Thursday night finally came and I was fixing to watch the game. You guessed it, the TV started doing crazy things. It looked like someone was inside the set shaking the picture right before my eyes. We finally, got through that game and I found out it is hard to pray for your team and scream at the referees at the same time. Of course the Hubby chimed in that the Good Lord could not hear me cause I was screaming so loud.

When the game was over, I turned it off and thought we needed to see if it would happen in the morning. You got it, the next morning it was fine. Then about noon it started that “giggly” stuff once more. So I just rang up my TV provider and they told me they would have a man out that afternoon. Well, he was here “Johnny on the spot” and I got the great news everyone wants to hear. There is nothing wrong with your television provider, it’s your TV set! IT DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES! Just what I wanted to hear.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we were off to Walmart to see if they had the brand we wanted. Of course the first person we talked to called her stock person and asked if that particular set we selected was in stock. Of course, it was not. Then we noticed there was a cute young man with a neat little device and he was so kind to look at his inventory and noticed that the set we wanted was indeed in stock. I tell you all the time prayers are answered.

Well, you have one guess as to what came next, that great big box fit right in the back of our car. But when we arrived home it dawned on me that I needed that cute little man to get it out and carry it in the house.

After much grunting and swearing, we got it in the door and I even started praying again that we would not break this TV to pieces before we got it out of the box. I found the directions on how to put it together and that is when the fun started.

You guessed it, the Hubby wanted to put it together without even looking at the paper. It’s a “MAN THING”! He even went so far as to say “this will be a piece a cake”. Well, it must have been an “upside down cake” because we were still working on it when our neighbor came to the Hubby’s rescue. With a little help from our friend, we now have a new TV right in front of MY favorite chair!

Now it’s Sunday, and all my teams are going to play. People you knew it was coming. This is the day old TG changes from a fisherwoman to a football fan. And then you know what comes next…..THE BIG BLUE!

So sit back, relax and cheer for my team. You better watch out the Hubby says, I am possessed with “FOOTBALL FEVER” and it is contagious.

You know for a fact that I am enjoying the moment and I am telling you to do the same. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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