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As I sit here early in the morning, I think about all the things that have happened this LABOR DAY WEEKEND!

It is really early when all the people at the lake are asleep and I am doing a jigsaw puzzle on my iPad. Yes, I said iPad. Then my mind begins to wander. You see I am trying to do one that has two hundred pieces and man, I am having a hard time!

Sometimes I go by the colors but most of the time I go by the shapes. This is the largest one I have done and it is large for an iPad. I will tell you right now that the Hubby is a WHIZ at this! That of course makes me mad. Why is it we always want to outdo each other? You see the Hubby use to be “color blind”. It was really hard for him but he would still waltz right on through a puzzle. But one day he said, I can see color! Of course I couldn’t believe it but you see that is why I believe in MIRACLES. They do happen very day.

Anyway, it occurred to me that the summer is over….yes I said over. It seems like yesterday that we got out all our water toys and were excited about the coming spring and summer and now it is FALL and this morning I am sad. Company is here and I looked forward to them coming and the Hubby is on top of the world.

But as I sit here by myself all I can think is ‘it’s over”. All the good times and some of us had some bad times. Then I begin to think that our lives are just like the seasons that Mother Nature gives to us. When we are in the spring of our life, we are so excited about life. All the things we are going to do and then the summer season of our lives comes along and the weather gets hot and it RAINS AND RAINS. We think it will never stop. But just like all things, we solve our problems. Our car breaks down, your daughter brakes her leg and your Mother gets sick but we always make it through the summer of our life.

Now it is LABOR DAY, oh man, what do we do in this season of our life? The fall season will soon turn to winter and then the rain will turn to snow and we will be mad because we no longer have the energy and strength in our body to do the things we use to do. The skies are gray and we have our aches and pains but then we must always remember that spring is not far behind.

We are now another year older but think of all the wonderful things we have accomplished. And all the things we are going to do in the next spring season of our life!

That is why I remind each of you to ENJOY THE MOMENT and best of all it’s FREE. Yep, I am in my FALL season of life but I am happy to watch a granddaughter work with a computer doing things that are unbelievable and “ME” old TG doing a jigsaw puzzle on an iPad.

Then I tell the Hubby “GET WITH IT”. Today is all we have. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

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To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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