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By Louise Henderson - Antioch News

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

We had a surprise birthday supper for our pastor, Bro. Albert Clardy, on Monday night. We had a real good crowd that attended and of course, we had a lot to eat. We had a good time.

Then Tuesday was my birthday. My good friend Marcie Patterson drove to Bowling Green to pick up her new glasses, so she took me with her and treated me to lunch for my birthday at IHOP, where I love to eat. They gave me ice cream for my birthday. I sure had a happy birthday. I got lots of gifts, including two vases of cut flowers. They sure are pretty. I received 26 beautiful birthday cards, along with telephone calls. I love my cards. Also had some to stop by to visit with me. I would like to thank everyone who helped to make my 88th birthday a very special day.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

We ate lunch at Granny’s Kitchen on Wednesday. Dolores and I were up there to pay for our lunch when this nice gentleman came up and said, “Don’t you charge these nice ladies,” and he grabbed our tickets. Didn’t get his name, but thanks, you made our day. There are still nice people in this world.

I enjoyed listening to Gerald Hildabrand on the radio on Friday with his music.

Our Revival will be September 25-28. There will be different preachers and singers each service. Bro. Jimmy Kenner, BJ Minor, Frank Kent, Tim Nugent and Gary Oberhausen. We invite you to come and be with us.

We will have our Senior Adult Outing on Friday the 16th. We will depart the church at 10 a.m.

We will have movie night on Saturday night the 17th beginning at 6 p.m.

Bro. Clardy has been on vacation, so Bro. Bob Barnes has filled our pulpit for the last two Sundays. We enjoyed having him preach for us.

Our Johnson, Duncan Ridge, Happy Hollow Reunion is almost here. We will meet Sept. 17 at the activities building at Elk Lick Baptist Church. Will have pot luck meal and eat around 5 p.m. But, you can come early and visit with each other. If you are family or friend, please come. Our crowd was small last year.

I talked to Myrtle Pogue one day. She was doing about the same. Still hurts all the time.

Mrs. Barbara Harris sent me some plastic caps by her son, who mows my yard. Thank you so much. We appreciate all we can get.

Some birthdays in September are: Joyce McIntosh 3, Ashley Scruggs 12, Allison Cropper 12, Leo Flores 13, Dorothy Henderson 15, Sue Coursey 16, Jimmy Coursey 21, Kayla Vibbert 22, Helen Kennedy 25, Barbara Beliles 25, Lila Edwards 26, Myrtle Pogue 27, Haline Willis 30, Brenda Southerland 30, Bernadette Mullen 18th. Hope all have a blessed birthday.

Myrtle Pogue is homebound and can’t get out, so would everyone please send her a birthday card?

As God’s people, we are His mouthpiece to spread His good news.

Have a good week.

By Louise Henderson

Antioch News

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

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