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Hello from Spa. I guess the most interest each week is at church. We have Sunday school classes for all ages, plus preaching services each week and Sunday night services. I’m sure you can fund a place just for you each time. So, come on out and enjoy each service.

Sue and James Fuller stopped by one day last week and brought me a basket of peaches. They are very delicious. I appreciate them.

The annual Johnson homecoming will be the 17th of September at the activities building, so be sure to come.

Some known September birthdays are the 8th Gary Sears, the 9th Judy Jernigan and Betty Stuart, the 11th Addie Hendley, the 13th Baahnah Hendley, the 14th Kayla Sweeney and Marion Carter, the 15th Meredith Johnson, the 18th Jim Turner and Rohan Singh, the 19th granddaughter Krista Lynn and Barbara Borders, the 23rd Dean Harrell, the 25th Barbara Beliles and the 30th Weston Wright. Two known anniversaries are George and Bev Whitson on the 12th and Jason and Baahana Hendley on the 30th. Hope all have special days.

Arriving Friday at the home of Stanley, Elaine and Tara were her son John and Jessica Sweeney and girls Kyla, Michaela, Janessa and Scarlett of Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri. On Sunday Louis Carver of Rosewood and I enjoyed lunch with them and I really enjoyed getting to see John and Jessica and all the girls. They headed back home on Monday morning. John had to go to work on Tuesday. They are quite a bit closer home now then when they were in South Carolina.

We had a different speaker Sunday. The Jicka’s were not here. All I know he said was Bro. Bob. He was a good preacher. I enjoyed him.

Have a good week and smile. God loves you. He really does. See ya!

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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