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I bet you wonder sometimes how you could go to one place and have breakfast every morning and not get bored. Well, this morning we had a VERY SERIOUS discussion on whether the Hubby should wear a coat and tie in an upcoming wedding that was going to be held at the lake. Of course the Hubby said he was not going to do it. I nearly had a fit! I shouted, you are giving the bride away. You must look your best.

To solve this problem, I sent a text message to the bride and groom. He chickened out and did not take a stand and said it was totally up to the bride and she even let me down by saying it was up to the Hubby! REALLY can you imagine him walking down to the water with the bride on his arm and a coat, shirt with no tie! This will be the social event of the fall and here he is with NO TIE. Well, all I can say is if it were my wedding he would wear one. Of course he let me know right away that it was not MY WEDDING, using his loud voice.

Since the tie issue is up to the Hubby, there are several climate issues I thought she should address! You got it…the RAIN. Thank goodness you wouldn’t have to worry about snow but really who knows, the weather can change in a minute here. You know we had several inches of rain this summer and wind strong enough to blow you away.

Of course she would have to worry about where is everyone going to sit? Surely people would not come on their boat and sit in the water. But I really never thought about that until just this minute. When people at the lake have a fun gathering they come on their boat because parking is a problem. Where do you put the cars or four wheelers? You know I truly hope someone doesn’t show up in their bathing suits. The Hubby brought this up and of course he had to mention my bathing suit. Everyone at Wayne’s laughed. Not at me but that the Hubby having to wear a tie.

Then it was brought up that she could have an occasional dog that might wander through the ceremony. Can you imagine the bride and the Hubby tripping over a dog as they stroll down to the water? Man, this wedding is really going to have a few problems. I am glad it’s HER wedding and not mine!

Then there is seating…..I guess it is alright to stand during the wedding. There is one thing you could do, put a little note in your invitation for them to bring their lawn chair. We do that also when we have gatherings at the lake. That might take care of that problem. But really people, this is a WEDDING!

I must say we did not solve all the problems that this bride and groom are going to have at this event but we all enjoyed planning it for them at Wayne’s Place. Hey, that’s an idea. Why don’t they have it there! Then we could all have fun eating lunch together after they leave on their honeymoon.

REALLY, when the bride reads this article, I bet she will be glad that it is not our wedding but HER WEDDING! But we really enjoyed every moment of planning the entire event and enjoyed every moment remembering our own wedding. Bye now

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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