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Have you ever lost anything? Of course it happened to the old TG, you knew that or I would not have mentioned it. You see I walk every day. And the Hubby is so scared that someone will get me that he requires that I carry this stick with me. Now on occasion it has come in handy when I met a large dog along the way. The big dog did not bother me but one day this cute little “yapping” dog chased me down the road. Finally when I remembered that I had the Hubby’s stick, I whopped him with one lick and he was off and running. So my advice to you is beware of small dogs, the big ones will “lick” you to death.

I will explain that this stick was special because he had drilled a hold in one end and filled it with lead so if a stranger decided to stop and try to help me, I could defend myself.

So one morning as I was going to start my walk I noticed the stick was not in its designated place. Needless to say, the Hubby was upset. So I just picked up my father’s walking cane to use instead. Of could this did not go over to well, especially after about two weeks of me looking for the “favorite stick”. How on earth do you lose a stick that is about two feet long and as big around as a “pool Q”? I finally just wore myself out looking for the silly thing. So I just forgot it and you know who did not. He mentioned it every now and then and I would simply reply, “I’m still looking”! Do I need to say, this was his most favorite treasure?

Then one morning I had an appointment in Russellville and the Hubby had one two hours later. So he was going to go in his truck and we were to meet for lunch.

I just happen to call him after my appointment and he should have been leaving. When he answered, I heard this voice say, can you come pick me up? Of course my reply was WHAT! He could not find his keys. You see he took his truck key off his ring and had it on this cute “green” string. I thought to myself on several occasions he would lose it.

Anyway all went well, I drove back home picked him up and after we found out the price of having a new key made, the “KEY HUNT” was on. I will mention, nothing was said about the lost stick.

At this point in this little story, I want to say that I am a believer in prayer. So after I had gone through all the trash cans, went all through his shop and crawled under everything, everywhere, I said, “Dear Lord, please let us find this key!’

I walked out of his shop and was looking up on a hook that held these cute little straps to use on my kayak and I just happened to look past that to the roof of the house that extended down to his shop. There laid that stick! I could not believe it. Ask me if that made me HAPPY! You could hear me shouting next door!

By this time we were getting hungry so I started supper and it occurred to me that the key might have fallen off the little key hook it always stays on. Of course the Hubby said, I have already looked there. But I just happened to pull the sofa all the way out from the wall and there lay the key on the floor all the way under the sofa still tied to the cute little green string. Ask me if that key went back on his key ring!

I texted my neighbor that prayers were answered, also where we had found them. She said she could understand how the key got on the floor under the sofa but how on earth did the stick get on the roof? I will never tell.

As always, enjoy all the things you haven’t lost or forgot where you put them. Say a prayer for old TG she needs all the help she can get. Also you know I want you to enjoy every moment just like I am doing right now. Love you all. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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