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Well, you people out there in Never Never land we are still having rain and it is Hot…Hot…Hot! I think that makes it as they say down south, “SAME SONG SECOND VERSE”

I have had an exciting week. I spoke with a friend of mine that I mail my articles to and she wanted to know right away, how are the ducks? You see I am not the only DUCK LOVER! I told her all about them and also that I had some even greater news, Daisy Duck brought her three little ones for the Hubby and me to see. They were so little, they rocked back and forth on their little “tooth pick” legs and their “little web” feet would hardly hold them up. This happened yesterday and the little ones were so scared that they did not try to eat any cheerios. Really they were too big to get in their mouth. Of course I took pictures and text them to all my friends and I had one to send me a note back that she guessed we were now “duck grandparents”. Of course I agreed.

Today she came back and she brought only two with her. The Hubby said he saw Donald Duck peck one little one on the head, so I guess he didn’t make it. But tonight, the little ones tried to pick up a cheerio in their mouth and it looked so funny. The cheerio was almost as big as their head. I crushed some up and they ate little pieces and then ran for the water. I am sure they needed a drink really bad. I truly hope we don’t lose any more. You know I will be really sad.

You won’t believe the “new look” they have at Wayne Place. They got bright red and white booths. They use to have chairs and people were always moving them around but if you take your “sweetie” to Wayne’s you can snuggle up in a booth and enjoy a great fish dinner. If you have not been there lately you need to drop in. They say they are going to be changing a lot of things.

Of course, the highlight of my week was my invitation to visit Dick Dickerson’s beautiful home in Russellville. He had all the writers there for lunch. I had attended his Christmas Party last year and heard all the wonderful history about his home. But I had a friend ask me if I saw one of the “secret rooms” in the house. So you might know that that one of the questions I asked him. He explained all about who was buried there and as we were talking he said that I could see it if I could find it. You see it is “secret”. After a lot of hints, I located it and of course I had to pull up the heavy door that was under the rug in the dining room. I backed down the steep steps with another lady to find a large room with a white ghost hanging near the stairs. So I looked over the large dark room with a grave marker in the corner and hurried back up the steps as fast as I could. Of course I phoned my friend just as soon as I got in my car to tell her I had indeed seen the “SECRET ROOM”!

All the ladies told Dick to take good care of himself. As you know he has been ill but if everyone out there in Never Never land will say a prayer for him every night I am sure he will be back on his feet in no time.

As they say on television, that’s all folks. Don’t do any more raining dancing and if I thought we could stand it, I would pray for SNOW! Till next time, be happy and enjoy every moment. Bye now

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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