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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

I must say this has been the strangest 4th of July I have spent at Lake Malone. This lake was full of people. I told one friend that if he wanted to put his boat on the water he better bring a giant shoe horn so he could wedge it into the water. We have all kinds of boats this year, more “fast pleasure boats” with really big motors that pull people who ski. Those boats can really throw a big wave into the shore in front of the houses, ours especially.

Right when everyone had settled down for the fireworks, the bottom fell out of the sky and Mother Nature just rained over all of us. We had our chairs all placed, everyone was counting the minutes and then it happened. I quickly got out my trusty cell phone and called the “fireworks manager” and ask him for a “fireworks report” and he said “WHAT”……he went so far as to ask this silly question, “who in the world is this anyway”? It never occurred to me that he was really under a lot of stress. We had people lined up and down the shore line and boats were gathering in front of all the houses and then “BAM”, that’s when Mother Nature just rained all over us. That’s when everyone ran for the house and just sat and looked at each other and tried to think of something to talk about.

After we had talked about everything we could think of, my company said, well just give us a call and we will be back when the “THE BIG BANG EVENT” is rescheduled. As of this afternoon, it is official, the fireworks will be Saturday night. So you all will just get this announcement the day before the big show. Consider this your personal invitation to Lake Malone’s loudest event of the year.

I noticed more people had their “flags” flying. I don’t mean their “Big Blue Flag”, Independence Day calls for us to put out the “stars and stripes”. The one that is carried into battle and we all should be proud to put out where everyone can see it. It stands for FREEDOM! We should never forget this or take that freedom for granted, may “old glory” fly forever over our country.

The Daughter did not get to come and of course that made me sad but the Hubby had his family here and I must say he was overjoyed. Of course we had to take them up to meet the new owners of Wayne’s place. If you have not met them, then you need to jump in your car and drive right on over to Dunmor. The new owners are cute as can be. They have four daughters and I must say they are doing a lot of “on the job learning” while everyone is enjoying all the new things they have brought to the store. When you go by for the first time tell them that Tulip Green sent you. They won’t give you an ice cream cone but they will certainly give you a big smile and if you are lucky a great big hug! Almost forgot, they are having “FRIDAY, FISH NIGHT starting this week!

Can’t close without giving you a “DUCK” report. You remember the two green heads whose names are Donald and Daffy and the mallard who we all call Daisy are still eating Cheerios at my house. Well, for the last two day, Daisy has not been with the Green Heads. The Hubby thinks she might be sitting on a nest of eggs and before long we might have a whole bunch of little ducks. Will give you an update as soon as she appears again

I am certainly enjoying every minute just lying in the sun on a float watching the clouds pass by. The Hubby has started a rumor that I have finally learned how to “kill time”! In other words, I have become very lazy. Bet you never thought you would hear those words from me. Especially the “Old TG” who burns the candle at both ends. I am challenging each of you to do the same. Till next time, bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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