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By Louise Henderson - Antioch News

Greetings from the Antioch Community.

On our Senior Outing Friday, we went to the Moonlite Barbecue restaurant in Owensboro. The food was delicious and we had a good time as we always do. Those going were Melba driving the church bus, Marcie Patterson, Dolores Harris, Phyllis Causey from Bowling Green, Melba’s little great grandson, Irene White and David Adkins from Clarksville, Tenn., Patty Campbell, Kay Thornberry and myself (Louise). Some who planned to go didn’t make it. Next month (July) our plans are to go to Barkley Lodge. You are welcome to go with us. We depart church (Antioch) at 10 o’clock a.m.

Sherry Harris, our cousin from Louisville, came to Hazel’s on Monday. Sherry, Hazel and I went to the Shady Cliff restaurant on Tuesday night and ate supper. We sure enjoyed those catfish. We had a good visit. We always enjoy Sherry coming down to see us. She returned home to Louisville on Wednesday.

All the children had a good time at Bible School last week. I got to go to all but two nights. Wednesday night was good as they did all their songs. They had one girl that came every time and she got the first prize. Enjoyed refreshments every night too.

Sunday was Fathers Day and they were recognized at church Sunday morning and each one received a gift.

I went home with my son Saturday night and celebrated Fathers Day with them as all the family were there except for one great grandson-in-law. Shaun, my great great grandson is really growing. He is busy all the time. Had a little broom and he was sweeping all the floors. So cute and sure is a good baby.

Friday night, Isaac Christian celebrated his 9th birthday with family and friends. I was invited by was too tired to go. So Jimmy brought me a piece of birthday cake and homemade ice cream and was it good. Thanks, I sure did enjoy it. ‘

Some from our church will be going to Oklahoma on a mission trip July 2-8. Penny and Bro. Jimmy need some school supplies if you would like to help. Have a tote in foyer to put them in. Their son Chris will take care of them.

Top 10 sayings of a wise father.

10: Why? Because I said so, that’s why!

9: Just wait till you have kids of your own.

8: What did I just get finished telling you?

7: This is going to hurt me more than it does you.

6: Do I look like I’m made of money?

5: Not now, I’m watching the game.

4: When you break your leg, don’t come running to me!

3: No! We are not lost.

2: Be quiet! Can’t you see I’m trying to think?

And number one on the top of the list:

1: How should I know? Go ask your mother!

When life knocks you down, you’re in the perfect position to pray.

Have a good week.

By Louise Henderson

Antioch News

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

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