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Well it’s Father’s Day!! To me this is a very important day because I was very close to my father. I was the first born and remained the spoiled child for five years and then I had a sister. It is really hard to convince an “only child” that she is going to be happy with a little sister. Maybe a puppy or a kitten, but never a sister or brother. Well the two of us perked along for five more years and then we were told we were the chosen ones and that we were going to have another person in our family. Of course at that day in time you did not know what this person was going to be….a boy or a girl. Well, to our surprise he was a boy! Really I thought I was the chosen one until my sister appeared and then “the boy” of the family was born and we two girls took a “back seat” to everything. I, being the oldest, got to baby sit not only with my brother, but my sister also. I guess this was the time in my life that I had to grow up and be the “BIG SISTER”.

My father was very special to me since I was the first to leave home and man, did I miss my Dad. Yes, I was married but no one and I mean no one can ever take the place of your Dad.

I am sure all of you out there in Never Never Land have had a few memories that have come to mind on this day and as I have shed a few tears you know life goes on. My sister is still “my favorite sister” and my brother will be “my favorite brother” forever and ever.

So on to the next chapter of this story. The Daughter came up and spent the night with us. She works hard and cannot get away very often. Sunday morning, we had a slight problem with our boat, so we drove our car to boat church. We walked down the hill and sat in the yard of the house right next to the dock where the pastor stands. It occurred to me that if you lived in this house you could sleep late and open the window and listen to the entire service without even getting out of bed. There was no one home, but I am sure they did not mind.

The Daughter brought burgers and great steaks with her to grill and as the saying goes, we “pigged out”! Man, my two favorites and not having to fix them was even better.

I certainly hope all of you had a lovely day. I know the people on the lake did because they whizzed by our place all weekend.

If you are fortunate enough to still have your father be sure to call as often as you can to make a few more memories in both your lives. That is the reason we should always enjoy those moments with our Dad and don’t forget Mom. Till next time, Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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