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A beautiful Saturday morning, one in which I hopefully can soon get over what this stuff is that I have had for over 3 weeks. I feel so, whatever the word is that I feel, just hope it is soon gone. And I hope you out there have had a much better week.

This past Saturday Danny and Shirley Coursey and Barbara Woods at dinner at Colonial Inn in honor of their graduations together a few years. They are Lewisburg graduates, I forgot what year. Four of them met for their special time together.

I saw Dr. Kuschal Singh Tuesday of last week. Hope these pills will finally get rid of this stuff.

Martha Harris has been having some tests done and the report was not good as we had hoped. Hope she will soon be feeling much better.

The other Wednesday night when the leaders of the youth group came over, I told them I would put in the paper- by now I should not make promises, but I can’t control myself- their names. Patrick Coursey and Ronnie Rosser are the leaders and there were 15 of them. I have thrown away my notes and I can’t name them all, so all I know to do it this. Many thanks guys and gals. I sent the article in, so what happen to it, I don’t know. Anyway do it again kids, I really did enjoy the visit.

Also visiting awhile one afternoon was Marvine Borders and Julia. And the Friday afternoon, former pastor Bro. Kenny and Tammy Cummins of Princeton were over for awhile. And yes, I really enjoy my company. Especially when you feel like heck and don’t feel up to doing anything either.

Stanley has started a new hobby since school is out. It is wood working. He is building some interesting things. If you are interested, he’d be glad to have you see his products. You might even want to buy some. He seems to be really enjoying it. His dad did a lot of woodworking, so how he got interested I’m sure. Me, I’m gonna do some crocheting afghans for Christmas. After all we are on the last half of the year. Time goes fast.

Do you have any afghan directions you’d like to share?

I’m finally feeling a wee bit better, and I am glad of that. However, I still did not feel like going to church. I’ve missed the last 4 Sundays, but who cares. Maybe next time.

Mrs. Elvera McCoy and son Wade of Louisville visited awhile recently with Glenn and Helen Porter. They enjoyed their visit very much

Until next time, smile God loves you, wheather anyone else does or not.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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