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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello to all who are reading this news article. I am pleased to be here again this week. I had surgery on Monday evening and am due out of treatment by Friday afternoon. I am currently in a lot of pain and hope it gets better very soon. A bad spider bite and deeply imbedded cist just under the bite has led to a major infection and other complications. As my wonderful mom said several times, “Old age is heck!” but “I do not care for the alternative.”

A Little News – I had a call this evening to tell me that Mrs. Virginia Lloyd was not as old as I had stated. I had mentioned that she was nearly 100 years old. I stand corrected she is much younger and is only 95 years old. Keep it up Mrs. Virginia I do want to celebrate your 100th with you. You are such a good kind lady and are greatly loved.

The minister at the Adairville Methodist Church will carry out her last service this Sunday. She has been transferred to a church in the Simpson County/Franklin area. Not sure who the new minister is but I heard it is a local person. This is such a good little church. The problem is the same for so many small town churches. The congregation probably averages 70 years old plus some. There are only a very few young people and no one to replace the older folks as they die off. Attendance averages around 20 to 24 folk on a good Sunday. Within five years there will probably only be half that number unless the church recruits a new crowd of souls. There are numerous other churches in the county facing the same problem.

Predictions for 2016 – Many of you will remember that early last January I predicted the nominations of Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee and Hilary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee for President of the USA. I was kidded, belittled and told I had missed those predictions by a country mile. I was told by at least 20 to 30 people that there was no way either would be getting the nomination. Well I guess stranger things have happened. Now for those that do not remember the rest of the prediction I stated that Hilary will be elected President in November. Well, it is a step closer. Five months to election day.

My dad was born July 31, 1916 and my mom January 9, 1918. Women gained the right to vote in this country only in 1919. (One of the last countries in the western world.) Both my grandmothers, mother, aunts and cousins all registered and voted. Most voted every election regardless of how large or small. If it was or is an election my family votes. In France there is a $50 fine if you do not vote. As a result France has an 80% to 85% election turnout every election. Three cheers!!!

Hillary Clinton said something that turned me on the other night. She mentioned the great dance team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I saw them dance in many movies. Hilary said, “Fred was a great dancer but Ginger had to do everything Fred did but backwards and in high heels!” I always knew there was some reason I liked Ginger!

50 Years Ago – in 1966 Russia landed a vehicle on the moon. The first automatic Teller Machine – ATM came on line. 14 young people were killed by a shooter at the University of Texas. Hundreds of thousands of black and white students demonstrated for equal rights all over America. In Mississippi state police tear gassed most demonstrators. Hundreds of thousands of students demonstrated all over America against the Vietnam War. American Nazi Party leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, led demonstrations blaming Jews for all of America’s problems. Entertainer Bob Hope and the Korean Kittens entertained servicemen at bases in Vietnam. June 13 the famous Miranda Rights were developed and became the law of the land. Percy Sledge had the number one song “In America.” Frank Sinatra married for the third time. His new bride was Mia Farrow. Peter Sellers married Britt Eklund. Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammed Ali. A giant earth quake measuring a 9.2 hit Anchorage, Alaska. Batman was a huge movie hit. The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and became instant hits in this country.

Smile – Dam It I’m mad. Now spell it backwards and see what you come up with.

Time to go. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email dickdickerson100@aol.com.

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