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Life is such a strange thing! You go to bed every night wishing for a great time of peace and quiet. Time to think back over your day and finally settle down for some great ZZZZZ’s. But not old TG!!!

Today is Friday, the day you read my column I wrote last week and just before I went to bed I realized that this coming Sunday is a very special day. MOTHERS DAY!

I can never figure this strange thing that happens to me. Some mornings I wake to “words swimming around in my head”! Why at 3:00 am would I be thinking of this column? REALLY! This is the time I should have “sugar plums dancing in my head”. But here I am in my favorite chair writing you all these words. I knew I had to get up right then and put them on paper or in the morning when most normal people are getting up, my mind would be blank as a piece of paper.

The word MOTHER kept floating around and around. Don’t know why, everybody has one. But strange as it may seem, here is what appeared in my “mind’s eye”! This is the ability to see what I remember of what a mother is to most of us.

“M” is for the MONEY that Mother always had when you wanted something. Don’t know where she got it but she always had it hidden away. “O” is for the OTHER things that she could have been doing for herself when you came to her crying. “T” is for TIME, yes, time and time again, no matter what she was doing you always came first. “H” is for HANDS that were always dusting you off, wiping your tears when your boy or girl friend says “good bye” or something happened to your dog or cat. “E” is for EVERY, yes every time you called her name and she was always there. Near or far it is so wonderful to call and hear her voice. “R” is for remembering all the good times when you laughed and cried together. Mother’s Day is always wonderful. Hope you all enjoyed the moment. I know all the Mothers did, even old TG did because her little girl came to see her.

Mother’s Day was not the only event at the lake. Boats were everywhere. Fishermen and fishing tournaments were the highlight of the weekend. I saw the biggest Bass I have ever seen caught not far from our house. He even asked if we had fish scales so he could weight it. Much to my sorrow, we didn’t have any. You see I don’t caught fish big enough to want to know how much they weigh. He just couldn’t decide whether to keep it and have it mounted. After he took it out of his “live well”, I decided for him. That fish will really look good in any “man cave”!

Derby parties were everywhere and old TG was fortunate to be invited to one. I ate fish, french fries and hush puppies. I had fun being a plain old lake person. I even bet on a horse. All the horses names were put in a hat and everyone drew out a name. The person next to me showed me her name and I immediately told her she would probably be the winner. Ask me if she was happy. You see I had been watching all the horse news before the race. Her horse had won seven out of seven races so far. She jumped up and had to share that information with everyone. But when the race started her horse was second for a while. Then at the last minute he pulled it out. Well, old TG didn’t even have a second or third place horse. So I had to be satisfied that I enjoyed every moment, the people and all the food. Somebody even brought pecan pie, my absolute favorite. Till next time, Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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