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By Hazel Fleming - Spa News

It is that time again. And how was your week? Some cooler mornings, yet ends up a very nice day.

Our sympathy to Lois Ann Cornelious in the death of a cousin in Muhlenberg County.

She and Bill enjoyed their son Jeff and Candace Cornelious and Chyrie attending church with them on Easter Sunday. We are always glad to see visitors. So come again.

On Easter Sunday Mrs. Margie Latham and 28 of the family enjoyed the day with daughter Lynn and Wayne Johnson. Four of the group were not able to be there, but all had an enjoyable day with visiting and eating.

Ada Dorris has been having some medical problems. Next on the agenda is to see a cardiologist next week. Hope she can get a good report.

Talked to Susan Price about Buddy and his surgery. He had the surgery and is doing okay. Hope he is still improving.

Jerry Hart had back surgery in Nashville this past week. He is home and hopefully feeling better.

In talking to a friend Dolores Renfro this week, she sounded awful and was feeling awful, coughing almost every breath. Sounds like me and this dreadful cough I have. Hope by now she is feeling much better.

In talking to Martine Brown, found out her brother Br. Kinnith Morris of Hopkinsville, was in the hospital. Hope he is soon able to be back home.

Sorry to hear the lightning struck the recent built home this week of J.D. and Morgan Atkisson. Glad no one was hit, however, I’m sure they were sacred to death to say the least.

We had 50 in Sunday school this morning and some others came in for the preaching service.

I understand this week is spring break. Last week was to have been also, but because of the adverse weather conditions in the winter, this week was make up days, so hope all enjoy this week.

Marion said at church this morning that Lana is feeling better. I guess after all the round she has had, she is probably not very strong yet. We miss her at church, cause she was always there. So we hope it isn’t long till she can get back tot he services.

Until next time, see ya.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

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