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Hello, anoither week has passed by and it will soon be April. My, my how time does fly by. Part of this past week has had pretty sunshine days and cooler mornings.

In talking to Lois Earl “Farmer” Brown last Sunday at church, he said that Carrie Belcher and brother Roger Belcher had not had a very good week. Hope this week has been better for them.

Some known April birthdays are old Mack Mallory on the 4th, the 7th Janet Wright, the 16th Rachel Sharp and great-granddaughter Elle Groen, the 24th Lois Ann Cornelius and the 29th Phil Cole. Enjoy your special days and wishes for many more.

We had several visitors in church this morning, and knowing me, I will probably miss some, so if I do… oops. With her parents Joyce and Kenneth Chapman were daughter Cathy Basham and girls and families. Didn’t notice if Danny was there or not. Rosemary Cundiff Brown was there with her husband and mom Zelma Cundiff. Didn’t notice if J.R. was there, however he usually is. Also there were Heather Kelly (used to be), her husband and family from E-Town, I think. There were probably others, but I didn’t turn around to see.

Our sympathy to former pastor’s wife Mrs. Jane Hatfield in the death of her mom.

We had 67 in Sunday school. Let’s have that many and more next Sunday okay?

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday morning. David came and got me, so I got to go too.

If by any chance you got your calendar from Pennyrile Electric, there are a lot of helpful hints on each month. There is one for repairing a leaking faucet quickly. This can waste gallons of water in a short time. They have many tips for each month.

Elaine, Stanley and Tara visited Elaine’s mom Louise Carver and others in the family after church Sunday.

Visiting with Judy and Lannie Jernigan on Easter were their kids David, Stacey and the girls Kim and Johnny Richardson and Grace and several of her family from Greenville for lunch. When I got home from church I had a very delicious lunch waiting for me on the table, and it was very delicious. Many thanks. I sure did appreciate it.

Have a good week and see ya soon!

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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