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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

People, it is all over but the crying! After you have shouted and hollered all you could; Filled out the NCAA tournament bracket that the Daughter found at the drive in market; You the pack your car for the very last time and head to the lake. On the way, you call your UK Buddy on your cell phone and ask if the “OLD GANG” is getting together for the game and he says, not YES but **## YES! Of course everybody brings something and there you are with an empty refrigerator and you have no idea where your UK shirt is but you get it together and get there just before the game starts.

Well, you know the end of this story. The BIG BLUE did not pull through. Poor things, everything thing that they were good at doing, they could not do. I won’t go into details because it will just make me cry again and make you mad.

But people there is one good thing that happened after the game. I am cured. NO MORE BLUE FEVER! I am back to the same old TG that I was before basketball season started. After I told the Hubby, he said, “Thank the Good Lord”, prayers are still being answered. I told him to enjoy because football season is not far away and you know how I am about football!

I have good news. I looked out my window just LOOKING at everything! Searching to make sure everything was still there. The beautiful yellow bushes by my house are blooming and all the little bulbs I planted are peeking up through the ground. But guess what, there were three ducks padding as fast as they could toward my house. I nearly cried, there was a beautiful mallard and two green heads. For you unduck people the green heads have green heads. Don’t really know why they are called that but I have discovered they love POPCORN. I told you I had not been to Walmart and my cabinets were bare. That is the only thing I thought they would like. I did have some Cheerios but I could not share because that was all I had for me to eat. So I popped up a bag of that fluffy stuff and they ate it all up. Of course the Hubby said they might not be able to handle that and of course “DUCK EXPERT” that I am told him they eat corn…..really what is the difference.

I know you are concerned about the fact that the water has been up at the lake but “what’s new”. It goes up and down like an elevator. But people this time it is STUCK. I marked where it was yesterday and this morning we still have the same water. The Hubby says, really what are you going to do about it. It can stay there until summer. But you see I want him to get busy picking up all that trash that Mother Nature let fly through the air and once again all the snuff and tobacco can that always drift my way. Hey, fisherman when you get through with those cute little cans, just put them back in your pocket empty and take them home with you. I do think my house is a “trash magnet”! Everything that comes out of a boat floats downhill to my house.

Well, you have heard the GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY today so I will say so long. Look out ladies I am headed to Wayne’s place for breakfast and then to Walmart. If you want food from there, you better be there early because there won’t be nothing left after I clean the shelves.

As TG always say, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME AT THE LAKE. And I am enjoying every minute of being here. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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