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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

Well, the party’s over! In less than a week, I will be back into the real world. You know the one that requires cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing! Hate to say this but when I get to the lake I bet those leaves that were on the ground when I left are still here and I can guarantee you that there are a few more. You see there is a vacant lot behind us with lots of trees. A neighbor sent me a text and said the lake was up again so I know there will be a few logs, sticks, cans and some things that you never thought would be in the lake.

But that is not a problem. I have a nice big rake and two hands that always seem to fit every time I pick it up. The Hubby doesn’t know it but he is going to be right in there with me. Sometimes he dreams up things he has to do when it’s “leaf raking” time. You see there are no leaves where we are now……its palm trees, sand and WIND. I thought I left that in Kentucky. But thanks goodness none of that white stuff!

We even had a tornado warning here and we had people in the Lobby. One woman said she had already been through one tornado and you are probably wondering why I was there. You see I have been through one to! I saw a car picked up with a man inside it and believe me when it came down he looked like he was petrified. The Hubby said he would just be scared upstairs in his bed looking at the back of his eye lids. I told him it wouldn’t be my fault if he just blew away.

Of course we have been keeping the road hot. You know how it is when you go somewhere and you say, I am going to see “so and so”. Well, then all of a sudden it’s almost time to go home and you haven’t seen all you wanted to see. So one day we went on a road trip to the largest fish place I have ever seen. If it lived in water they had it. People were buying every kind of fish, oysters and shrimp by the cooler full. When I mentioned we should have brought something to bring some stuff home, the Hubby said we could use your BIG OLD PURSE you carry everywhere you go. You could just dump all those valuable things out on the floor of the car and use that. I can tell you right now, we DID NOT come home with any fish.

The funny part of the whole trip was we passed a barbecue stand on the way and the Hubby said, that is where I am going to eat lunch. All I could think of was all that great fish we left behind and he wants to eat at a barbecue place. I just casually mentioned that he could eat that anywhere at home. Of course his reply was, but it’s my favorite!

Since we came home empty handed, I decided to stop off at my favorite place. WALMART. I have never seen so many young people in Walmart in my life. They told me it was “spring Break” and all the college kids were coming south. I just happened to see three girls and boys pushing three carts full of food. Man, they were happy. For some reason I wondered which one of those kids was going to be paying for all that food and adult beverages. So I went on about my business and checked out and was putting my groceries in the car when I noticed they had a license plate from the same county and state where we live. I just had to walk over and mention I was from their home state. After looking at my license plate one young girl said, “You are not only from our state but the same county. I scared her to death when I told her I thought I knew her mother! After telling them I was only kidding, I did strongly suggest that they needed to be very careful having fun. I told the Hubby all about it and as usual, he said, Woman, don’t you ever mind you own business?

Almost forgot the BIG BLUE! I didn’t even have to get excited at all during this last basketball game. They ran up and down that floor and blew LSU right back to Louisiana. Before too long, I will be back with my old buddy’s screaming and hollowing like a wild person during the tournament. Hang in there you guys cause old TG is on her way back home. One thing I can say, “I HAVE ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT”! Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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