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By Louise Henderson - Antioch News

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

Well, it is time to spring forward one hour as the Daylight Savings Time goes into effect on March 13th. So be sure to run your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night before you go to bed. Then you will be on time for church on Sunday morning.

The sunshine sure looks pretty this morning.

Sue (Key) Addison is home from California. She attended church Sunday morning. Sure was good to see her.

We are glad to report that Juanita Key is doing real good now. Your prayers are still answered.

Also, Christine White is doing much better. She is out of the Hospital and back at Creekwood.

We had a good crowd at church Sunday morning, but it was slim Sunday night. It would encourage our pastor if you would come on Sunday night too.

We are having Prayer Service at 9:45 before Sunday School. I think you would enjoy that. So come 15 minutes early and join us.

Sorry that my items didn’t make the paper Friday. I mailed them on Monday just like my cousin Hazel did.

Our cousin Sherry Harris in Louisville is coming down this weekend to get Jeff Fuller to do her taxes. My sister Sue and I will be taking lunch on Saturday to our cousin hazel’s home and have lunch with Sherry.

Elk Lick Baptist Church prepared Dinner on Friday night and Rita Coursey brought me my supper. Boy was it ever good. I am so thankful that they include me. I sure do appreciate it.

We will have “William Napier” from Scottsville on Sunday to fill our pulpit. His is our Gideon speaker. Be sure and come and hear what the Gideons are doing around the world.

We want you to keep your plastic tops for us. This is a W.O.M. project. If we can get enough pounds, we can get a bench for our church.

If nothing happens, we will be having a senior adult outing on March 18th.

Some birthdays in March are: Nancy Harris 3, and her husband Morris Lee the 5th, Nick Christian 7, Jeanie Sears 10, Jordan Chick 14, Richard Estes 15, Payton Chick 15, my son Terry Henderson 17, Sheila Scruggs 18, my great grandson Owen Henderson 26, My granddaughter by marriage Traci Henderson 27, and Samantha Jones 28. She is a former pastor’s wife. We hope each one will have a happy birthday.

Our pastor, Bro. Clardy and wife Avanell will have an anniversary on March 8th. We hope they will have a special day and many more to come. I hope all you members will send or bring a card to them. Let’s make it a very special day for them. May God bless them with many more.

We can endure life’s wrongs because we know that God will make things right.

Jewel Wayne Johnson is in the hospital in Bowling Green. He had a pacemaker put in this morning and did real good.

our former pastor, Bro. Carmel and JGenia have moved out of the parsonage to Daysville.

Have a good week.

Editor’s note: Last week’s Antioch News did not arrive at the NDL office until Monday afternoon. Here is last week’s Antioch News.

Greetings from The Antioch Community.

What a difference a week can make in the weather. Yesterday (Sunday) was a pretty day and the Sunday before we had all that snow.

Christine White is still in the Medical Center. She has had the Pneumonia after she had surgery. Hope she can soon be better.

Juanita Key is doing some better. She is at home at her daughter’s Melba Gibbs. She would enjoy a visit. But wait until after ten o’clock and let them get through with baths, taking medicine and breakfast.

Myrtle Pogue is still awful week. She always enjoys your visits and telephone calls. Myrtle isn’t able to cook, so if you have a meal, I’m sure Myrtle would be happy if you shared with her.

Sheila Epley was in the Medical Center last week, but was able to be at church yesterday.

Tammy Sears sang a special at church Sunday morning. Tammy loves her Lord and Savior and loves to sing.

My good friend, Jeanie Gregory, called yesterday. I always enjoy hearing from her. She was asking about her cousin, Christine White.

Our pastor, Bro. Clardy and wife, Avanell will celebrate their anniversary on March 8th. I don’t know how many years. But I would like for us to shower them with anniversary cards. This would be a nice surprise for them. They are special to our church.

Stephanie and Nick Christian hosted a Birthday Party on Saturday for their son, Blanton, who was five years old. His big sister Whitney and his little brother Remington also helped him celebrate. His grandparents Linda and Roger Mueth and two cousins were there from Henderson. His grandparents, Sheila and Jimmy Christian, Christie, Travis, Payton and Corbin Chick, Trevor, Emily, Gracie, Teagan and Issac Christian were there. They were gracious and invited me. Sheila came and got me. I enjoyed seeing everyone. He sure had a beautiful cake and got lots of birthday gifts. His parents got him a pair of boots and he was so proud of them. He was so cute opening up his gifts. Every time he opened one, he would thank them. He is a very sweet little boy.

Our cousin, Sherry Harris in Louisville is planning on coming to get her taxes fixed the first weekend in March. She will be at Hazel’s on Saturday the 5th. We will meet her there on Saturday and have lunch with her.

The walkers who leave their car and truck at my house are out walking this morning. Karen was pushing her grandson in the stroller.

Daylight savings time begins March 13th. I don’t like having to change the clocks. You get used to one time and then its time to change again.

Our WOM Ladies have a new project that won’t cost you anything. We are saving the plastic tops off of of water bottles, medicine tops, plastic tops off washing powders. If you would would like to help us, we sure would appreciate it. When we get so many pounds, we can get a bench for our church.

Dear Lord, it’s hard to endure times of illness and suffering. Comfort me and help me to trust you.

Have a good week.

By Louise Henderson

Antioch News

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

To contact Louise Henderson about the Antioch News, call 270-755-4460.

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