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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

They say if you wait long enough what you want will come to pass. Well, I have been waiting for this day ever since I got here. The sun came out and I opened the door to warm air off the water and I had my coffee on our little balcony. I pulled out my shorts and the Hubby even took off his long underwear. He has been cold ever since we got here. People in bathing suits were coming out of every door and I saw fishermen headed toward the water.

I will let you in on a secret, the Hubby really had a field day last week. We went to the biggest Bass Pro Shop I have ever seen. It had everything you could possibly want for hunting and fishing. The Hubby picked up a new life jacket. One of those that blows up when you fall in the water. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to test it any time soon. They even had a big restaurant inside, so we just sat down and had lunch.

While we were out we joined a group of ladies to see a castle. It was so unusual to see a castle right in the middle of this small unique little town. The owners gave us a wonderful tour. She started by telling us that this dwelling was started by her father in 1946 and it was still a “work in progress”. She actually picked up rocks from the bay on her way home from school when her father first started it.

Inside we saw paintings, antiques, weapons, historic guns, and great workmanship in every room. Especially a kitchen with stain glass windows over the kitchen sink and a hand crafted china closet with blown glass doors.

Last but not lease, he had just finished a tower that was three stories high. We climbed up a spiral staircase and hung on to a large rope that was strung through large black loops that were drilled in the wall. There we saw how their daughter climbed up a ladder to step on to her bed at the top of the room. The ladder rolled on a track so during the day she could use the bottom of the room as a bedroom. Guess what, the Hubby took a nice nap in the car under a big old oak tree.

I bet you thought I forgot all about the Big Blue ball games! Well, I did not. Thank goodness they won over Tennessee. You know they are our rival. I didn’t even get finished being excited over that win until it was time to play Texas A&M. They took charge of that floor like they owned the whole game. They kept running up and down the court. And before I knew it A&M was ahead. I must admit I did a lot of screaming, hollowing and said a few choice words about everything that happened during the game. Well, all my coaching, getting upset, even praying for a miracle didn’t help a bit. THEY LOST. I won’t go into what caused it because I have never seen a game like that one in all my life. And furthermore, I hope I never see another one like it. This one will go down in their record books, the one that has STUPID MISTAKES written on the side.

It’s all over until the next game. I am thinking positive they will come “bouncing” back. That’s a ball game joke just in case you didn’t catch it.

I must admit I DID NOT enjoy those moments one bit. So till next time I’ll will just say…Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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