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Hello from Spa, where it seems lately we are getting plenty of snow, enough to call off school. However, I’d rather see them make up a few days than to be out when the roads are so hazardous. We are still hearing possible snow and rain,. the who works, so please be careful when out.

We’ve had adverse weather conditions in the past couple of weeks and school was out for 3 days. Better safe then sorry though.

So far as I know Lana Wells is still in the hospital in Nashville. Hope she is soon able to be back home and feeling much better.

Martine Brown became a great-great-grandmom this past week on the 12th when 8 lb. and 6 oz. little Alaina Rose arrived at the hospital in Madisonville. The excited parents are Martine’s grandson Matt and Shelly White of Hopkinsville. She has already gotten to see the baby.

Judy Jernigan brought me some potato soup one day last week and it was so good. It made my day. It’s all gone now, but I really did enjoy it. She sure is a good friend.

I heard recently that the lead singer Boyce Flener of the famous Crossmen Quartet had died. I called and talked to his dad Mr. Dale Flener and he said he had passed away a couple of weeks ago. he had cancer. I really loved to hear Boyce sing “The View.” Now he is there enjoying that gorgeous view. In fact I have requested that the song be sung at my funeral. It is beautiful. I hope as the group gets settled they will find another lead singer and keep singing. They are a very good group.

Well, it’s done it again and again. The snow I mean. It was beautiful falling and makes such a pretty picture. I got a couple of pictures in the mail this week from Owensboro, both from cousin Shirley (he) Price. See his name is Shirley and so is his wife, so I call them Shirley (he) and Shirley (she). This article showed him at the Botanical Gardens there examining an Orchid. He does a lot of work there. The Garden has an Orchid sale the 21st of February. Another interesting thing in Shirley’s life since he has retired. He has spent a lot of time there. At his home he has his own hot house where he has his own Orchids and other flowers. He also has a big lemon tree in his yard. One time he brought me on of the lemon and it was bigger than any grapefruit I’d ever seen. It made three gallons of lemonade from that one lemon. So he has quite an interesting hobby.

Shirley (she) still works at the local drug store. They also raise a large garden and do a lot of canning and freezing each summer. They keep especially busy.

Right now it is a beautiful sight looking out the windows. But I am staying inside and hopefully there is no reason to get outside. I’m chicken. Besides I’m afraid I’ll fall. It’s so cold.

See ya next time.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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