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For those of you out there that read my column every week, you know I truly BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. And you know I am a Broncos football and UK basketball fan

Anyway, this past week was absolutely out of this world. I can hardly handle all my excitement. The BIG BLUE goofed up and lost to Tennessee and that really hurt BAD. But as you remember they roared back to “beat the socks” right off of Florida.

Then Super Bowl Sunday proved that PRAYERS REALLY ARE ANSWERED! I was unsure whether the Broncos would win or not. I even thought maybe Cam Newton might fall down and break a leg on the way to the game. But I must say the Hubby wouldn’t even listen me, he said the Broncos are going to win and I don’t want to hear one more word about the game.

You see all week, I would say this little prayer, DEAR LORD PLEASE DON’T LET THEM HURT PEYTON MANNING! I wanted him to retire with all his body in one piece. You know football can be a dangerous sport. I never asked him to make sure the Broncos won; Thought that might be just too much to ask. But now you know the answer to that little request. I think the Good Lord just didn’t know much about football and he didn’t know which one of those guys was Peyton so he just kept everybody safe! Did you notice that they also played as a team? You know I think the Big Blue has found out they can do the same. Maybe I should say a few prayers for them because the season is only half over.

After I got home from the Super Bowl party, I was completely worn out. Everybody was for the Broncos but there was one lady who didn’t know too much about football said she felt sorry for the Panthers and she agreed to be their cheer leader. Bless her heart, she was drowned out by everybody else who was jumping up and down like wild people, me included.

There was even a couple there that was from Colorado and that woman amazed me. She knew even more about the Broncos than I did. She was spouting out statistics right and left about who had done WHAT AND WHEN. The Hubby just had to say, Woman I think she knows more than you! You know how that went over BIG!

I will move on to my other favorite sport and I will say a few words about the Big Blue. I must say they got their act together this last game but as always there is another game coming up with Georgia and they don’t play until nine o’clock. That means I will have to take a nap so I won’t fall asleep during the game.

The Daughter came down for a visit but she is going home today. You remember I am always telling you to “Hug your Hubby”; well, this time throw your arms around your daughter and tell her what a wonderful person she is. Of course if you don’t have a daughter, then a son will do. Or better still, just hug everybody you see one day and see how many smiles you will get in return.

Old TG will be coming back to the lake soon! YEA….man I have missed that place. Remember to enjoy every moment like the Broncos are doing right now. You Big Blue fans need to do the same. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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