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What can we say? This stuff was a mess. School was out most of a week and it didn’t look any better with the storms coming after. I’m just glad I didn’t have to be out in it, but I do feel sorry for those that had to get out regardless. Stanley had walked up here daily to check on me. I told him to be especially careful and try not to fall. Whew, I am ready for spring already.

I feel for people with all the cattle to be tended to, water to be fixed so they can drink, feed to be gotten out and if you have cows that have to be milked…ohhh extra work too. This is the kind of weather we wished we didn’t get. But that is Kentucky for you.

Sorry, but Shirley Coursey has recently had surgery. She is back home and hopefully feeling much better.

Recently Margie Latham and 2 others in the family celebrated birthdays with lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Russellville. There were 16 of them and 3 of her children and their families.

Good friend Delores Renfro of Russellville had rotator cuff surgery on Wednesday. She is at home now, but very uncomfortable. I hear that it is very painful surgery. Hope she soon feels better and not in as much pain.

One day Stanley and Elaine brought me some very good potato soup. I really enjoyed that.

I noticed in the church bulletin where Beverly Harris had surgery this past week. Hope she is doing well.

I had the most interesting phone call Saturday night from a neighbor up the road. It was Ranny Williams. I’ve known Ranny all his life, however, I had not seen him lately. He has the most fascinating hobby or you may call it a job, because I’m sure a lot of work goes into this. He is raising bees, and as a result, they produce honey. This calls for more work as I am sure the extraction of honey is a very hard job. However, he says his son helps a lot. He said he would bring me some honey. How about that? I will ask m ore questions later like how many hives do you have and how long does it take to remove the honey? It sounds like it will require a lot of work. I really appreciated the call. He said he and Glenda are doing well.

There is a holly tree in my front yard and it makes the prettiest picture while the snow and ice was on it. When looking out the front window the left of the tree was so beautiful. That side had the most beautiful sight as it was covered with ice and snow. One the other side of the tree there was nothing. I wish I had a picture of it. You sure can see some pretty sights, even though the snow can be hazardous.

Maybe everything will go okay, except we still have February and March to go.

Hope you have a good week. Smile God loves you!

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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