Time to get organized

By Evelyn Richardson - Here and There

Everybody that I talked to right after Christmas and during the snow was “getting organized” in some form or fashion. Hurrah for the start of the new year and for unplanned time at home that brings inspiration for improved management.

I had purchased a new address book that suited my preference and I spent a lot of time transferring addresses and phone numbers to this one place. Some pages of my old book were so full that last names beginning with earlier letters of the alphabet were entered in the X and Z sections. There were slips of paper with important information stuck between pages and elusive when needed. You probably are familiar with similar circumstance.

I was chatting with a friend, and she was doing the very same thing—except she was entering addresses in her electronic device while I was using pen and paper. An improvement over my previous situation, nevertheless.

Another friend was starting a journal and had made a commitment to enter her experiences regularly. I encouraged her, as I write in my diary daily and find it to be an appreciated record and reference. However, my diaries were not all labeled on the cover, so if I was looking for a note from the 1950s, I might open several before I found the proper time period. They now have bright Post-it labels with dates on the outside, thanks to the power of suggestion through my friend’s journaling.

My sister-in-law was straightening items in the refrigerator freezer when I called. Just did that, I told her. Mine was such a mess that finding the package I needed was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Often I couldn’t be sure whether or not I had already eaten what I was looking for! So, I made a list and stuck it on the side of the refrigerator. It will be a great help—if I remember to mark off items when I remove them.

As I put away Christmas decorations, I tried to do a better job of storing like things together and marking containers more clearly. I’ll bet you did too.

When I opened cabinet drawers and saw odd items stuffed there during the holiday hustle and bustle, I was motivated to discard and organize. I’ll bet you did too.

In anticipation of tax preparation, I’m throwing away unrelated papers and old records that I wonder why I saved in the first place. Probably hurriedly left them in the file “just in case.” Bet you are doing the same.

Another person I talked to had revisited a couple of quilt tops as she straightened her closet and was making plans to get them quilted. I haven’t gone that far in tackling unfinished projects, but I have gotten a lot done.


By Evelyn Richardson

Here and There

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