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Welcome to a new year 2016. I never dreamed that I would live this long to be able to see 2016. See, just goes to show you that the Lord will call you home wherever He wants too. So the phrase to say here is “be ready when He calls.”

Hope you had a good Christmas. We did Christmas Eve with Stanley and Elaine. We had lunch and a very good time opening gifts. There with us were of course Tara, Elaine’s mom Louise Carver of Rosewood and a niece Chelsea Seigers. Later her mom Kim came and got her. Meanwhile, Sandra Sharp and one twin Casey and 4 grandgirls came to my house and found me gone and came down there. Martha Williams found me there also. We had a very good day.

Then the 19th the family of the late Jack and Eva Coursey had their family time at the activities building. Those already deceased of the family are David, Mary Nelle and Ruth. The remaining siblings able to be there were Danny and Martha ans their families, for a total of 60.

Others stopping in have been Wilma Ballard of R’ville, Mr. Bob Birdwhistle of Lewisburg, Kim Richarson and Stacey Jernigan who brought me good eats from Judy Jernigan for Christmas day. I sure appreciate all the goodies I have been given through Christmas time. It is all so good.

Last Saturday night at the home of Wilford and Jeri Scarbrough of Auburn wee a total of 21. Helen Porter and Glenn of Lewisburg were there. The other brother, Edwin and families of Dixon, Tennessee were also there. They had a good time together. Lots of eats.

On Christmas Eve the family of the late Wallace Hart gathered at the activities building for a family time together. Of course Virginia Hart was there, as were all her children, Jerry and Terry Hart and Ronnie and sister, Carolyn Gibson. The grandkids and great-grandkids were there too for a very good time and lots of delicious eats. It is good to know that many were able to be together.

On Christmas Eve the remaining family of Lila and Lasley Johnson met at the home of Chris and Alicia Johnson. There were Mitchell and Heather, Jennie, Sheila and Jeff Barrow, Courtney and her family and Janet and her family. Anyway a total of 17. Sheila said they had good eats and always those gifts.

Enjoying lunch with Bill and Lois Ann Cornelius were son Jeff and Candace. I’m sure they had a good day and plenty of eats too.

Our sympathy to Bro. David Morgan and family in the death of his wife Shelby. Her services were Sunday afternoon. May God truly bless them in this time.

Got a call Saturday from former county raised boy Myron Gower, who now lives in Florida. They were fine and visiting at the time in Texas. It sure was good to hear from him.

Also on Saturday, got a call from former pastor Bro. Kenny Cummins. They were all okay. The kids, Andrew, Zach and Hannah and their families had all been home for Christmas and all were well. It is always good to hear from those we do not get to see very often.

Enjoying breakfast Saturday morning with Virginia Hart were Jerry and Layne and Ronnie from Greenville.

I have had the mist enjoyable Christmas. I got so many gifts, plus eats. Got calls from both granddaughters. Kerri and Krista called from Georgia, and Kerri, bless her heart, sent a dozen red and yellow roses. I sure was surprised. Also got some local calls and cards. I sure am appreciative of all the wishes, gifts, food and all. So many thanks and wishes for a Happy New Year.

God is good. Remember He is the reason for the season. See ya next year!

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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