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All the gifts are opened and boxes and papers everywhere! Christmas Day was something else. We got up early and went to the Grand Daughters. The house was jumping with relatives and young children. But what impressed me the most was the father in charge put all the children on the sofa and told them they were going to hear the CHRISTMAS STORY! Not one made a sound but as soon as the story was over, everyone was ready for presents.

Then the Daughter, the Hubby and I jumped in the car so we could go home and cook for the annual family Christmas Dinner! After arriving at my sisters, we once again ate and ate some more good old holiday food. I could not believe all the nieces and nephews had grown so tall and so many were ready not only to graduate from high school but college. Where does the time go? I could remember when they were just young kids. I am sure most of you did the same thing.

When we got home, the Daughters man friend came by with just what every woman needs….an air compressor! Yep, one of those big ones that you can do anything with. She wanted a small one to put air in her tires if they needed it but you can attach a nail gun to this one and build a house. ! I love an independent woman but really… air compressor! What happened to perfume and jewelry?

So we packed up again and now we are back at the lake and I want to know who left the flood gates open? Man, there is water everywhere. We went down to the spillway and water was gushing out. But that really isn’t enough. Water is creeping right up to my front door. My theme song now is “RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY”.

I received three e-mails this last week. I must say I was overjoyed. Was beginning to think no one read my column? I even spoke with the couple that are keeping the two remaining ducks alive for us. She even told me that just before the weather turned cold, a person who was water skiing by their house, helped them get a blue heron’s foot untangled from a fishing line that was left in the lake. All you fisherman must remember to help keep our lake clean.

A business man wrote to tell me he enjoyed my column. The Hubby told me not to let that go to my head. But I bragged a little that he was just like me; loves the lake, Wayne’s Place and the Green Bay Packers. But tonight I am sure he is as disappointed as I am, they LOST!

Remember to make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION for the upcoming year and send it to me in an e-mail. Mine is that I am going to try and be a calm, quiet person. When I told the Hubby he said, “DO YOU THINK THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN?” I don’t this so! But as always, I will always remind you to please enjoy life, MOMENT BY MOMENT! Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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