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Hello. Will begin with some known December birthdays. On the 1st is Wilma Ballard, the 3rd Loyd Willis, the 7th Marion Mallory, the 10th Joyce Chapman, the 11th Ann Foster, the 16th Delores Renfro, the 19th Brenda Coursey, the 23rd Freddie Green, and the 27th our own Chris Cooper. A couple of known anniversaries are the 10th Ronnie and Cher Rosser and the 26th Freddie and Barbara Borders. Hope all enjoy their special days.

Were you out Black Friday? I wasn’t. I stayed home cause I know that day is wild.

Dr. Lynwood Montell, retired professor of WKU, was down recently on Friday so off we go. We took the Duncan’s Ridge Hill Road as all the trees are bare, and it seems you can see forever. It is always a special day. We ate lunch at Webb’s and Lisa Stuart was the good cook of the day.

Our sympathy to the family of Mae White. She had reached the age of 97, and was the oldest member of Antioch Baptist Church.

On Thanksgiving night for supper at the home of Rex and Dianne Porter were a total of 25 people, which included his dad and mom Glenn and Helen Porter. A good time was had and very good eats were enjoyed.

On Saturday, Clydia Sharp Smith of Joelton, Tennessee and Geraldine Driskill of Deerlick visited with Helen Porter. Helen and Clydia were school mates and have been very close good friends ever since school for over 60 years. Isn’t that great to still have a surviving school mate?

I went to church last Sunday with Elaine, Stanley and Tara at Crossroads Church. Tara was in charge of the music, so of course MamMaw Hazel just had to go see her perform, and she did a very good job.

Heard today that Jewel Wayne Johnson has been in the local hospital. He is in Creekwood now. Hope he is soon feeling much better.

Also Gary Kelly has had the surgery redone on his arm. Hope that is soon much improved.

Lana Wells is having more medical problems. Hope she can soon be lots better. It is a bad time to be sick anytime, even more so this near to the Christmas holidays. Let’s all get better soon.

Tuesday, December 1st was the day chosen to have our annual Christmas party for the correspondants at the beautifully decorated home of our own Dick Dickerson in Russellville. Those attending were Antioch’s Louise Henderson, former Bucksville writer Margaret Walton and friend from Owensboro, Adairville’s Donna Blake (this was the first time I had gotten to meet her), our own OJ Stapleton, my friend Judy Jernigan and of course me Spa’s Hazel Fleming. And we had a special guest as well, none other than Tulip Green. You know what? Her name is Tulip Green. She is a very sweet lady, but she didn’t bring Hubby! We had lots of good eats, played our game and came home with our Christmas hats Dick had given us. So again, a good time was had. I always enjoy our times together, so to all, a Merry Christmas.

I got to attend the Christmas program at Crossroads Church on Friday night. It was decorated by our own Elaine Fleming. Whatever that girl does, she does a good job. I really enjoyed it. The cast did a fantastic job and as I said, anything Elaine does she does a good job. I’m proud of her. Tara had a part and of course she did a good job too.

I mentioned earlier the eats at Dick Dickerson’s on Tuesday, December 1st. I did not mention the desserts. I know there were at least 6 pies besides a cake. There were so many I could not have a taste of each.

We had 60 in Sunday school at Elk Lick this morning. Interim pastor Bro. David Jicka was in the pulpit telling in Isaiah 9:1-7 about the risen Christ and about Jesus’ birth, and the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Have a good week and see ya later. Merry Christmas.

By Hazel Fleming

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To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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