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As always, I am sitting in my favorite chair looking out the window but all I see is GRASS! But I also see tall walnut trees and three bird feeders that are full of seeds that the Hubby filled as soon as we got here. The birds just flocked with GLEE to see him because he always takes care of them while he is here. Yes, we are at the Daughters house and don’t remember if I told you about this place or not but she lives on a farm. A small farm way back in the woods. It’s the place I lived when I came back home after my wild travels all around everywhere. But she has to work and really does not have time to do all things she wants to do; so that is why the Hubby and I are here to help her get ready for the FAMILY GATHERING at Christmas.

You see we take turns having the gathering and it is our turn. In years past we use to get up at the “crack of dawn” and run out to gather all the bargains the stores had to offer. We always purchased our gifts and came home to wrap them eating pizza and watching television. We would take a break at about eight o’clock and eat breakfast and laugh and remember years past. MEMORIES are everything. But like all things, life changes and this morning I am the first one to wake up and the Hubby and Daughter are both cutting those BIG ZZZZZ’S fast asleep.

We went to the Sister in Law’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone was there and brought their appetite. Of course there was everything you could possibly eat and we ate TOO MUCH! But really I think the holidays are the times when calories don’t count at all. The Hubby does not agree and really he is right, the scales show I picked up a few pounds between the end of summer and now. So you see I am right for a change.

Thanksgiving Gatherings is a time when everyone brings their favorite recipe and it is a time you can brag about how good your cooking skills have become. So I took my mother in law’s pecan pie. The Daughter is turning into an excellent cook and she took her Man Friend’s Grandmothers chocolate cake. That is certainly a long introduction. I can guarantee it had CALORIES just waiting to put the pounds on our body. But the Hubby had to eat a piece anyway. For “kicks and giggles” I will put my pecan pie recipe in my column next week for you to try. Then you can brag and tell everyone they need to read my column because that is where you got it.

Back to the reason we came in the first place; we are going to decorate. I love decorating for Christmas. One year I was so carried away I left my decorations up until March. It made me smile when I drove in my drive way, but for some reason the Hubby put his foot down and said, TAKE DOWN THAT TREE! This year you won’t believe where we are putting it; on the porch so our guest can see it when they come in the door. You see we don’t want to take up room in the house. So when everyone gets here they will get in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT right that moment!

Till next time, start thinking about other people. Especially those people who can’t get out and shop, give them a call and say “what can I do for you today”. I guarantee they will love you forever. Christmas is the season to spread LOVE. It’s doesn’t cost a penny, it’s the best BARGAIN you will find anywhere.

Till next time, enjoy life. You never know when it can be taken from you. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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