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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello Logan County! I am so glad to be here. My top teeth were pulled four weeks ago and I was hospitalized afterwards for excessive bleeding and went back to my specialist for many more stitches. I am now up and about and feeling the best I have in several months! I still have another month before I get my new top teeth. Having to stay on my strong blood thinner was part of the problem. I will be so glad when I can meet my many friends with a big smile.

I have a new litter of chinese crested pups. The first in several years. (Two hairless and one coated. All three girls.) This was an unplanned breeding so this should be fun!

I have another great cornbread recipe that came in the mail recently.from Martha Reynolds. Martha stated that her mother, Lucille Baugh, found a cornbread recipe in a Southern Living Magazine many years ago and that her family has used it down the years. The recipe follows:


  • 1 cup self rising flour
  • 1 cup self rising mill
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 egg well beaten
  • 5 tablespoons melted butter of oil

Put some oil in your skillet and put in oven and let it get hot. Pour your mixture in and bake at 375 degrees until it gets brown or done.

Martha Reynolds

Thank you Martha and to Lucille Baugh (your mom).

I hope our readers will keep sending in their favorite cornbread recipes. I also hope our readers will try out some of these recipes and let me know how they like them. Cornbread is a unique food from the south and we do not want to loose it from our southern diet. We need to pass it on to the next generation of southern cooks.

The break in the weather over the last few days has been really welcomed. I have had to start watering the yard plants to keep things green. The some 20 plus rose bushes have nearly stopped blooming. Hopefully they will come back strong in the fall!

This past Sunday I was fortunate to have been invited to attend the 5th Sunday service at the local Methodist Church in Adairville. The attendance was very good with lots of young families. The message and the singing was so wonderful. Afterwards there was a covered dish dinner. Even without my top row of teeth I ate my share of the soft food and there was plenty of it. My dear friends Peggy and Ralph Brewer, 94 years young, were there with one of their beautiful daughters. It’s a wonderful church with many wonderful people and I fully recommend it for anyone looking for a church home.

It is time to go. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! Good night Mrs. Callabash, where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson, email dickdickerson100@aol.com or call 615-389-5495.

To contact Dick Dickerson, email dickdickerson100@aol.com or call 615-389-5495.

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