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The old saying goes like this, as soon as the 4th of July comes and goes, then Christmas is not far behind! You just can’t wait for summer and after all the fireworks, we are dragging out the Christmas decorations. That is one reason I hate to have the 4th of July come every year. So much for that profound statement.

You see I walk up the hill every morning and of course that means I have to walk down. This morning I happen to look down in the little corner of the lake that is near my house and there were my three ducks! I called them as I usually do, “come on babies” and as I walked down the neighbors drive way they came right out of their hiding place and followed me home. I noticed that they kept looking at the water as if to say, wait a minute, we can go faster on the water. But they followed me right to my door and enjoyed their cheerios as usual. Of course the Hubby had a fit because he was watching some baby otters that were playing in our yard and as soon as they saw our parade….off they went back in the water.

I feel sorry for all my fishing buddies. The fishing is awful. I jumped in the lake the other day to cool off and I thought I was jumping in my bath tub. The fishermen have begun to fish at night because they could not stand the humidity. So that means I hear boats in my dreams. But I must say they look beautiful on the water.

The kayak trek from the state dock to Shady Cliff is coming up and I must say I have seen more kayaks on the lake than ever before. Old TG is getting her legs in shape and I am going to try it this year. But I told the Hubby that I might just join the group when they come by my house. Cause I might “give out” if I try to do the whole thing.

Then there is the “big trick” that is going to happen in the sky. Everyone is jumping up and down about the solar eclipse that is coming up. Really, I know it’s once in a life time but people are going wild. I heard the state park is going to be jammed packed. Also someone called and wanted to rent a large number of pontoons. Then I was talking to a friend in Nashville, she told me they were doing all kinds of crazy things. I am so afraid I will “blink” my eyes and miss the whole thing. I will keep you posted. I did drop by the Chamber of Commerce in Russellville and purchased a pair of glasses. I did not purchase a shirt. For some reason, I have a closet full of shirts.

HELP, It’s time to do our annual “rain dancing” It has rained everywhere except the lake. I am so tired of watering my plants. Also the water level in the lake keeps going down. I am afraid before long we will be able to see all the chairs that blew off the end of our dock during all the storms we have had in the spring.

I will close my column on a sad note. A friend gave me three tomato plants in a paper cup early in the spring. One died! I must have put too much “Miracle Grow” on them because they GREW. Yes, beautiful leaves and no tomatoes. So that is the end of my “green thumb” experiment. Maybe next year.

I am trying really hard these days to enjoy every moment but Mother Nature is working against me. I will just have to say, till next time, Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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