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Hello Logan County! “I am so proud to be here!” as Minnie Pearl use to proclaim. Minnie was actually a well educated young lady from Howenwall, Tennessee. She developed her character for a high school talent contest and she named her home town as “Grinder Switch” the name given to the county dump. She took her character on to the Grand Ole Opry and became one of the most beloved stars for more than 50 years. Minnie, aka Sarah graduated from ole Ward Belmont College for Women and married a very prominent businessman named Henry Cannon. The Cannon’s bought a beautiful estate, next door to the Governor’s Mansion, in Nashville and lived there for many years. Minnie was voted the most popular star of the Grand Ole Opry, by members of the US Armed Services for 25 consecutive years. Where ever the young military men came from they all knew who Minnie Pearl was and they loved her!

My family was very fortunate to have many ties to “Mrs. Sarah” over a long period of time. I worked in Washington, D.C. for some 27 years and played a small part in having Minnie Pearl testifying before the U.S. House and Senate several times. We usually flew back to Nashville and sat together on the plane. I spent much of my time passing paper from the passengers for autographs. Mrs. Sarah Cannon “Minnie” was a smart, gracious and kind person. She left much of her fortune to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and it’s cancer unit. I am now a patient of that same unit.

I just got back from the Lewisburg Bank in Russellville. A lovely new young employee named Millie Scott waited on me at the drive in window. She told me she loved working at the bank and that she was engaged to a young man named Darrian Quarles. They plan to get married November 11 and will reside in Auburn. Good luck and a good marriage to Millie and Darrian!

Three weeks ago today I had all of my top teeth pulled. I do not know how I kept them so long when I first had many of them cracked some 50 years ago while playing on the football (soccer) team while attending the American University in Cairo (Egypt). I still have all my bottoms!I I now sympathize with all who have teeth pulled. Since I am also on blood thinner it complicated the issue a bit. I am still some five weeks away from getting my false teeth. I started getting out yesterday so if I do not smile when you see me, I will not be rude by not smiling, but just trying to keep my mouth closed.

My freon has gone out in my air conditioning in my house in Russellville. It is hot as blazes! I now have to find a service to cool things down again. I can well remember pre air conditioning days when I was a boy growing up. That is part of the good ole days I do not want to repeat!

Every summer, as a boy, I use to visit my country relatives near Smyrna, Tennessee and White’s Creek and Joelton, Tennessee. Love, good food, all the animals, going to the market. coal oil lamps (no electricity) coal or wood stove for cooking, homemade pies, cakes, bread and the like, Friday baths in the wash tub in the wash house and on and on. I loved it all accept for the lack of air conditioning!

I got a memory of it all when I visited several Amish families over near Pembroke yesterday! I came home with a loaf of good homemade bread!

Don’t forget that Greenville has free entertainment on the square this weekend. They have really been promoting it! There are restaurants and several food trailers. You should take your own fold up chairs and you can take your own food and drinks. I have not heard of any free entertainment in Logan County but maybe we do!

Since we are a good many miles from any big city hospitals I have subscribed, for several years for the Air Evac Lifeteam. There are 260 locations with helicopters in 32 states. The cost is only $65 per year for coverage. For more info you can call 855-993-1501. You can join on line at joinairmedcarenetwork.com.

Time to go. Good night all the beautiful women of the county and all you highly intelligent men. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson, email dickdickerson100@aol.com or call 615-389-5495.

To contact Dick Dickerson, email dickdickerson100@aol.com or call 615-389-5495.

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