More guns equal less crime plus preserve our freedom

By Larry Sitz - Guest opinion

I just read an article on gun control with, as usual, not one single fact or figure to back up their rhetoric. The article is bulging with many horror stories and many feel good answers to the crime problems in America, but not one single answer that makes any sense, whatsoever. First they start with over 90% of Americans want gun control, which is an absolute lie. If 90% of the American people wanted gun control, the constitution would be amended and the second amendment would be abolished forthwith. Another lie is that the NRA’s big money is the only thing that keeps all the so called “common sense laws” from passing. Only about 5% of the 100,000,000 plus gun owners in this country are members of the NRA. The rabid anti-gun multibillionaire, Michael Bloomberg, spends billions to get these laws passed and yet does not succeed. Why you might ask, does he not succeed? The simple answer is that gun owners and non gun owners alike, who value the constitution of a free America, vote politicians out of office who vote to take away their rights. While politicians may be crooked, they still fear the people who can take away their cushy jobs.

Some spout much senseless drivel about there are no, good guys with guns, just “people” with guns, till eventually everyone with a gun goes off and kills someone. Funny, not one word is said about how they are going to disarm criminals, the BATF, and other federal agencies, who by the way are becoming more militarized every day, with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, seizing property and money from those never even charged with a crime, in the so called, “war on drugs.” Even the IRS is mysteriously buying up millions of rounds of ammunition. Are these forces not made up of people with guns, who will eventually go off and kill someone?

Even if like in some fuzzy rainbow liberal dream, we could somehow make all guns disappear, would it make for a safer world? Evil people will still exist and do evil, no matter what is done to stop them. Without guns, we would be at the mercy of anyone bigger, stronger, with or without a weapon, with evil intent. The gun is the great equalizer and gives everyone large or small, weak or strong, the ability to protect themselves and their families. However, gun control is not about getting rid of guns, it’s about taking ours and keeping theirs, for “whoever has the guns has the power”….. Joseph Stalin.

I constantly hear of the common sense laws for background checks on gun buyers. Firearms are the most highly regulated manufactured goods in America and background checks must be done by the federal NICS on every firearm transaction through a federally licensed firearm dealer, including all gun shows. This has been the law for many many years. Yes, they say, but we want every firearm transfer, even between family members to have a background check. By even the anti-gun crowd’s own admission, for this to be effective every single gun in this country must be documented, that is “registered,” with the federal government. In the history of gun ownership, no country has ever registered guns without later confiscation of said guns. How long do you think it would take our government, if it were possible to have such a list of every single gun in the USA, to start confiscation from law abiding gun owners? This would leave us, “we the people” completely defenseless against the would be tyrants, that are even now in high government positions of this great nation?

Murder in this country is a big problem, but not the run away, “turn in all your guns now” problem the anti-gunners want you to believe it is. Actually the murder rate is down almost 60 percent over the last 20 years according to the uniform crime statistics from the FBI. This rank lie is an attempt to terrify and bring the American people to their knees to be more easily manipulated and controlled by the elite ruling class, who know our needs much better than we. Disarming people never makes them safer, it only makes them easier victims. We have to look no further than New York City and Chicago’s slaughter of literally thousands, to see that gun control simply does not work. Just as prohibition did not not stop alcohol, gun prohibition will not stop guns. It will only create a criminal element of black markets, just as it did with alcohol. We are today still dealing with organized crime from that little fiasco. Criminals will always have guns. Why do you suppose most mass shootings occur in gun free zones? Anywhere in this country where we have strict gun control the murder rate is astronomically higher than where we have a higher percentage of armed citizens. Gun control is not about crime control, it is about the government controlling the people, to make them more obedient servants.

“Murder rates drop as concealed carry rates soar” reports even the liberal Washington Times. Every single state that begins issuing concealed carry permits see a decrease in violent crime. This is not some feel good statement, this is cold hard facts. Obama’s scheme to circumvent congress and make his own gun laws is illegal and unconstitutional, to say the least, and maybe even criminal. Laying aside all the pros and cons of the gun control issue, let us not forget, we still have the second amendment and it still says and means “shall not be infringed,” explicitly. This very fact makes null and void most all the gun control issues being discussed. I don’t think the American people are going to stand idly by and let some do good politicians destroy our blood bought constitution, bit by bit. Even as ISIS terrorist commit horrendous acts of violence in this country and around the world, our government is trying to restrict and force us to give up our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I hope and pray that “we the people” will never ever let that happen.

By Larry Sitz

Guest opinion

Larry Sitz is a frequent contributor to the News-Democrat & Leader.

Larry Sitz is a frequent contributor to the News-Democrat & Leader.

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