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Well, people out there in “never never land”! I must tell you that this is the “summer of my discontent”. Once again Mother Nature has let me down. The poor old Hubby is so cross I can hardly stand him and I am not so happy myself. I know another couple that wasn’t so happy either yesterday.

The people just across the way looked so excited when they ran down to their boat, put in all their “great big floats” and off they went. Just as they got out of sight and “the bottom fell right out of the sky”! I mean “STRAIGHT DOWN RAIN”! You know that is the kind that just falls! Great big DROPS! They were so big they made little pretty circles in the water when they hit. I must say they were cute but they didn’t go over so big with me. You see I am “sick and tired of being sick and tired of rain”!

All of a sudden, here came the couple with their friends and their floats back to their dock. They sat there for a while and much to their surprise, the rain stopped. So you guessed it, they proceeded to leave their dock AGAIN and off they went “speeding fast”. I guess they thought they had to “ride those floats” fast before it rained again. You got it; they were not out of sight until the bottom fell out AGAIN. This time it was even harder. I must tell you that once again, here they came back home just as fast as they left. This time they went in the house and the poor floats just sat there in the boat. Yes, here it is Monday morning and the poor floats are still there just waiting for next weekend.

Of course there wasn’t any “jumping for joy” at our house either. You see the Hubby already had his plans made to go fishing and he nearly wore a path in the floor going from one window to the other watching it rain. Poor thing, he had been working on his boat again and he wanted to try it out. You see that is his “favorite pass time”….that is remaking his boat. Sometimes I wonder why men buy a boat and then they proceed to change it. It appears to me if you pay all that money for something you would leave it like it is. Surely the “boat makers” know best….I guess that is also a “man thing”. I am beginning to wonder if we women have those moments that we have to just tear something up and start over. You know if I pay good money for something, I enjoy it just like it is. I am sure you ladies out there do the same. I call that a SMART woman thing.

I must tell you one other thing that happened while the Hubby was working on his boat. I was busy in the house and of course he had to “scream” I need your help out here. Isn’t it just like a man, can’t do a thing without you. Anyway, just as I got to the boat and sat myself down on the dock, I looked down in the water and there was the cutest snake just wiggling right between the boat and the dock. He was a light brown with some kind of orange rings going around this body. He gave me a “start” when he got up to where the Hubby was sitting and he reared up his head and neck as if he wanted to look over the side of the boat. One thing that made him look even worst was the fact that he had his tongue out waving it back and forth. I didn’t think he could get in the boat but really I didn’t know for sure. Of course I had to “scream” that there was a snake and the Hubby jumped so high that I thought he would fall in the water. I guess the snake decided we were a bunch of “screaming babies” and he went wiggling away as fast as he could. Then the Hubby had to laugh at me for being afraid and I told him he didn’t look so great himself. He said the snake had his tongue out because he was trying to smell him! I never heard that before; of course I never let them get that close to smell me either because I am running the other way.

I told the Hubby that snake better move on down the lake before our neighbor comes down for the weekend because his wife is scared of snakes. All she has to do is scream SNAKE and he runs out the door with his “big gun”. One bang and that snake is history. For some reason I just don’t like to look down in the water when I am on a float and see one swimming by either.

That’s all folks. Not much excitement at the lake. It’s getting pretty bad when a snake is the high light of your day. Till next time….have fun and enjoy life! Bye now

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