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Grab your coffee because I have a funny story to tell you. I am sure most of you out there have one just as funny but here goes. You see I have been talking about “washing the car” for a few WEEKS now. Did you get that…..talking about it. So yesterday, the Hubby said why don’t you do something about it and just quit talking and DO IT! Well, today was the designated day. We did have to run to Russellville for a short trip. But after lunch I put on my bathing suit and gathered up all the “stuff” I needed. The Hubby said, “What are you going to do? I thought you were going to wash the car not go for a swim!” Well, I informed him that I am going to jump in the lake right after I finish and I will be all dressed for the occasion. And if I just get a little HOT I plan on jumping in just to cool off!” He said, excuse me! So I went on with my business.

I got out this new product that my sister in law told me about. It is called some kind of ZIP. It is suppose to make your car washing experience wonderful. Well, I was in trouble the first thing! It said to mix 1 ounce of this product in a bucket and I had no idea how to measure an ounce of liquid. Also I found out that the Hubby used the only bucket we had on SOMETHING that was still in it. So I had to clean the bucket before I could even start. It said to spray off your car before you start and only do small parts of the car at a time. That way you wouldn’t get your car wet all at one time. It was time to pull the hose down to the car. Of course it would not reach so I had to move the car. Finally, I began to wash the doors on the right side.

When I turned on the hose it looked like a trickle coming out of the end. I called the Hubby and he said, “Well, I guess Logan County is having problem with the water pressure. So I waited and waited on the water to finally wet the side of the car. Everything went well until I got to the back fender and there was black tar all over the bumper! Man, was I mad. Where on earth did that come from? Of course the Hubby wanted to know the same thing. He just knew I had driven through it somewhere.

Finally I got to the front of the car and you people will not have to worry about another bug at your house because they were all “SMUCHED” all over the front grill of my car. Well, it was time to move on to heavier equipment. I got a cleaning pad out of the kitchen and I began to go to work on this mess! By this time, I had no water at all. I yelled at the Hubby to come help. He said, “It must be this new hose roller YOU BOUGHT!” It is not worth a flip. I said then unscrew that thing and put it right on the faucet! He did and I still had a trickle! So finally, it dawned on me it could be the sprayer on my end of the hose. Well off I went to the shed to find another. After putting on the new sprayer, I turned around too quick and knocked over my bucket of cleaner mixture and by this time I was mad as a hornet. That meant I had to mix everything again and try and finish this WONDERFUL project beforeI I could start supper.

All the bugs were gone, I had washed and hand dried the entire car except the left rear fender and you guessed it. I started to whip off all that dirt on the fender and it was tar again; All over me, my cleaning rags and my great new sponge. So The Hubby went and got some magic liquid that took care of it. So the project was finally finished and I was whipped. I started right after lunch and it was now time to fix supper. Of course I was HOT as a fire cracker on the fourth of July because I still had my bathing suit on and my cover up. I didn’t want anyone to think I was stupid wearing my bathing suit while I was washing the car. And to make me really feel good, the Hubby said, “Hey you haven’t cooled off in the lake yet”! For some reason I was not in the funny mood and I had supper to fix yet. He also asked if I had cleaned the inside. If looks could kill he would be DEAD on the spot.

One good thing that came out of this whole ordeal was I had a nice clean car and I told the Hubby he better be good or I would not let him ride in it!

For some reason I am a little tired tonight as I write this little story for you. I would advise that in the future never mention to your Hubby that you are going to “wash the car” because he might just let you do it.

I can’t say I enjoyed those moments today but I certainly am now; sitting here writing to you! Bye now!

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