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Christmas now is not like it use to be! As some of you remember, a few weeks before Christmas you would go out and cut a tree and the entire family would take one night and decorate it. Sing songs and read the Christmas story. Some people still do that but I hate to say it but people don’t!

Me for one, I love the Christmas tree. The day after Thanksgiving I start thinking about Christmas. I love to go to the Dollar Store and look at all the decorations; even the Christmas cards. I love the ones that fold out and will stand alone on the table. I even enjoy sending Christmas cards. You see I have not always lived at the lake. I have lived many places and have friends everywhere. And usually I sit down with my favorite coffee and enjoy writing each and everyone one. I even put my tree up early because I love the twinkling lights. I can sit and write to you people and enjoy the sight. I even put a string of lights in a tree that is right outside my window and I let them burn day and night. In that tree I have giant bulbs that I have collected over the years that hang there and swing in the breeze. The most important thing is “I ENJOY IT. Hope you have created something special just for you.

I know you all would like to know what the Hubby gave me for Christmas. It was “half a Christmas card”. But the most important part was he had written “half of our trip down south for the winter” on it! You see I gave him the other half so look out, you will be hearing about adventures down south in the coming weeks.

I don’t always get in a rush to take down the tree. One time I went on a trip and did not get back home right away and there was my little tree waiting on me to come home. I was so busy having fun that I forgot I left it up but in March it did look a little strange sitting there all alone. Of course the Hubby had to mention that he knew what my first task would be! TAKE DOWN THAT CHRISTMAS TREE! Sometime he can just ruin the moment.

When you read this column the New Year will have come and gone. People rush out and gather up food for parties or make reservations but for me “there is no place like home!” I make our favorite dip, buy those things that we usually don’t eat and enjoy those CALORIES. You are so right; we sit back and eat up a storm.

Usually they have the things that have happened the past year on TV and I sit back and enjoy. No running around, no having to worry about what to wear to the party. You see by now you have discovered I am not a PARTY ANIMAL; just me, the Hubby and all my wonderful memories of the past year. Of course, if someone drops by they know we will have plenty to eat!

Next comes New Years Day; all the parades and of course FOOTBALL. I am just like a kid when it comes to parades. I don’t want to miss a one. And you know how I love football.

I truly hope you have had a wonderful year. We all have had some unhappy moments but I wish for you many happy ones in 2014. I plan on making a few New Year’s resolutions and will work a little harder trying to keep them. I told the Hubby that I plan on “NOT TALKING” so much. He enjoyed hearing those words but he also said IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. But to you out there, keep smiling. Do something good for somebody; and as I always say “enjoy the moment”. Bless you all. Bye now!


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