Court, Humane Society unclear about future plans

By Chris Cooper -

It’s up in the air where or when the Humane Society will proceed with plans to build an adoption center. Amanda Castile, director of the society, presented a early stage plan to members of the fiscal court Tuesday, Nov. 22, but came away confused.

“I’m not sure where we go from here,” said Castile, who was directed by the fiscal court at an earlier meeting to go back to her board and find out if they were willing to build the center on county property.

“My board was okay with that,” said Castile. “This is what I brought back to the court.”

At an earlier meeting of the court, Castile was told by magistrates the county was not comfortable giving a piece of land to the humane society at the current animal shelter, but would consider entering into a lease with the society if they chose to build it at the current shelter location.

After Castile gave a brief shelter report, she presented her findings on a septic system for the new adoption center, and showed where placement of it would be on a map of the existing shelter site.

“We are not asking the county to put any money into the adoption center,” said Castile. “Construction will begin with monies given to the humane society from the Watkins family.” Over $200,000 was bequeathed to the society two years ago in hopes to continue to strive towards a no-kill facility.

Magistrate Thomas Bouldin told Castile to go back to her board and get a “clear vision” and come back to the court.

“The taxpayers don’t want to spend a lot of money on dogs,” said Bouldin, who said he got many calls saying so.

Castile had shown the proposed adoption center located in front of the existing animal shelter. However, neither Bouldin nor magistrate Dickie Carter thought that area of the property was a good one. It was suggested to possibly put it up on a hill behind the recycling center.

“I am okay with that,” said Castile. “We want to work with the county. You just tell me what you want.”

Castile handed out photographs of the current shelter showing that the cages were falling apart, there was condensation collecting, and the floor was causing continuing issues. The shelter has been experiencing problems since its construction.

“I would eventually like to have an intake building,” said Castile. “One where the animals could come in and then be assessed. Those that qualify would then be sent to the adoption center to await a home.”

Magistrate Dickie Carter said he loved animals, but did not like spending money on them when there isn’t a youth center in Logan County. However, he suggested the county build a pole barn type structure to serve as an intake building and then bulldoze the current shelter down, putting the adoption center in its place.

Bouldin stated he would not put a dime into the current shelter, which the county owns and is responsible for, however, Judge Executive Logan Chick said repairs will have to be made at the current shelter. He did not think it would cost much.

There are currently 86 animals at the animals shelter. Since September the shelter took in 357 animals (169 dogs and 188 cats) and were able to get out 147 through adoption, rescue and reclaims.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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