County purchases new boiler for jail

By Chris Cooper -

Logan County’s inmates will now be assured they won’t run out of hot water in the showers thanks to the Logan County Fiscal Court. Magistrates decided to hire TP Mechanical Contractors to put in a new hot water boiler into the detention center for $67,809. The current boiler is old and is in need of replacement. The boiler is responsible for supplying hot water to inmates and to the kitchen area of the jail. The current boiler is outdated and has been costing the county in repairs.

Magistrates had opened bids for a new boiler in August, however, the body decided to table the purchase until engineer Tom Connolly could look at all the bids himself and give a recommendation. Connolly was hired by the court as a consultant for the boiler decision for $7,500. Not all magistrates were open to the hiring of a consultant. Magistrate Dickie Carter said it was ridiculous to pay $7,500 to have someone come and look at the boiler and tell the court what to do.

After Connolly reviewed the bids he informed the court they were all qualified and it was up to the body on which one they chose. Magistrate Carter was puzzled once again at the Sept. 13 meeting after hearing Connolly’s advise saying, “We hired him to tell us what to do for $7,500?”

Magistrate Drexel Johnson said it was his understanding the court hired a professional because the court did not know anything about water boilers and the court needed someone who was an expert.

“I still can’t believe we hired a consultant to tell us to take a bid,” said Carter.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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