Litter abatement picks up 366 bags of trash in July

By Chris Cooper -

Over 37.7 miles of roadway in Logan County were scanned for trash in the month of July. There were 366 bags of trash picked up by litter abatement crews, along with six tires and several boxes. Some of the roads worked on in July included Terry Wilcutt, 68-80 Bypass, and Hwy. 79 South.

Logan County has a thriving litter abatement program responsible for picking up trash on the roads in the community. The program also tries to deter those from littering in the first place by an advertising campaign that reaches the newspaper and radio, as well as the roads themselves with signage placed to remind travelers littering is illegal. Dwight Cockrill serves as the county’s solid waste coordinator. It is his job to oversee the program, which takes inmates out of the Logan County Detention Center and drives them throughout the week all over the county picking up trash on the side of the roads.

“The litter abatement program is a very beneficial one,” said Cockrill. “It gets frustrating at times I must admit, when a crew goes out and cleans up a road only to return a week later and it’s covered in litter again. We try to advertise asking people not to throw their trash out the window, but there are some who don’t listen. We just have to keep at it in hopes that someday the littering of our community and environment will cease.”

The litter abatement program is funded though the state of Kentucky.

Along with the crews of litter abatement, another program comes out of the funding allowing for non-profits to pick up trash for money.

Cockrill is always looking for those non-profit organizations who want to pick up trash on the side of the road for money. Cockrill receives a litter abatement grant each year to help fund picking up roadside trash. The funds received each year help to keep the community clean.

Some of the funding Cockrill’s department receives goes to pay non-profit organizations $100 per mile up to five miles to clean up roadside trash. Cockrill says he has funding available now for those non-profits organizations who would like to take the opportunity to make a little money, while providing a service project for their community.

Cockrill will close the program for non-profits the 3rd week in November, making way for winter.

“If a non-profit is interested in picking up roadside trash, they can come by the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and fill out a form, which will then be given to me. If the non-profit fits the criteria, I will notify them and assign them a road,” said Cockrill.

You must be at least nine years of age to pick up trash in this program, and must be accompanied by an adult. Cockrill provides trash bags, gloves, road signs and safety vests. A non-profit can choose to pick up from one mile to five miles. Non-profits include: church groups, civic clubs, scout troops, sports teams, etc.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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