Streetscape project to begin again on R’ville square

By Chris Cooper -

Very soon those who travel and do business on the square in Russellville will see work beginning once again on the Streetscape project. The Russellville Streetscape project began several years ago when the city received grant monies to make changes to the downtown area of Russellville. Revitalizing the downtown area was the initiative of Main Street Russellville, who wanted to help bring the community back to the downtown.

Although the project hit a null over the past year, the city has gotten the final okay from the state to begin again.

Main Street Russellville, an arm of the city and organization created to promote and restore the downtown area, was awarded a $325,000 Streetscape grant in 2008. The organization has been patiently waiting to complete the multi-phase project, which will eventually include the entire area of the downtown square. Because the project is so large, it must be completed in phases.

The project is currently in phase two which will see work down from the old Duncan’s Drug Store on the corner of East 4th and Main down to 3rd Street.

The first phase of the project began at 5th and Main Streets and traveled down the sidewalk to the corner of 4th and Main Streets. The sidewalks were demolished and replaced with new concrete, the curbing was detailed in Belgian block, new lightning was placed, as were trash containers complete with foliage, and bump outs were attached from the curbs in several areas, holding beautiful flowering. In June of 2014, the city completed the west block on Main Street staring at the clerk’s office to the police department on the square.

Phase two will continue on with the Belgian block and street lamps, however, the bump outs will no longer be a part of the project due to traffic hazards.

“When we get done with this section, we will seek additional funding to begin across the street in front of Riley White Pharmacy, BB&T Bank, James Milam’s office and on down to the front of the News-Democrat & Leader,” said Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton.

There is an overall master plan, said the mayor, but it has to be taken in sections and each phase has to be approved by the state.

Mayor Stratton said he has no intention when getting in front of the News-Democrat & Leader of touching the trees in the front. “We will work around them,” said the Mayor. “We have been fortunate enough to receive these funds and make these changes to our town.”

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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